Lost Round Table: "The Last Recruit"

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Despite its fast pace and boatload of action (literally!), this week's episode of Lost didn't deliver significant answers or raise any major questions.

As a result, we only gave it three out of five stars, our lowest grade for any season six installment.

But that doesn't mean there wasn't a lot to break down from "The Last Recruit." A trio of TV Fanatic staff members has done just that in this week's edition of the Lost Round Table...

So... the Man in Black admitted he's been Christian each time Jack's father appeared on the island. Were you satisfied with this resolution?
M.L. House: Yes. But I was disappointed in Jack's follow-up, or lackthereof. I know Lost must drag out the suspense and can't just answer every question in one conversation. But the monumental moment of FakeLocke sitting down with Jack, and revealing such a vital piece of information, fell flat we didn't learn anything else aside from this rather obvious tidbit.

LJ Gibbs: Yes, but who was Christian when Ghost Dad visited Jack in the hospital? The answer: Leonard Part 6.

Mr. Probst: It's hard to feel satisfied or unsatisfied when we've been expecting this wrinkle for most of this season so far.  Fortunately, the answer jives with how Christian's role played out on previous seasons, so it works for me.

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Will Claire turn on Kate?
M.L. House: Yes. Kate won't make it to the season finale. That's more of a guarantee than Crystal Bowersox winning American Idol.

LJ Gibbs: She's clearly insane, and even a calm ocean cruise won't calm her nerves. I just hope the only turn she pulls on Kate involves asking her to turn over, as she helps her reapply sunscreen. 

Mr. Probst: We couldn't be so lucky as to have Crazy Claire kill Annoying Kate, could we?

The Jin/Sun reunion: Emotional and sentimental, or anti-climactic  and short-lived?
M.L. House: It came out of nowhere in the moment, so that gave it resonance. But I could have done without Lapidus' cheesy line that Sun "found her voice" once she hugged Jin. Lame and very un-Lost like.

LJ Gibbs: It was very nice, in both realities. For all the Jack/Sawyer/Kate/Juliette drama, Jin and Sun have always been the romantic center of the show.

Mr. Probst: Neither!  It's a prelude to disaster.  This doomed couple will find its happiness short-lived and will be separated again - whether physically or through the death of one, if not both.  There's a reason the show keyed in on Jin saying that he'd never leave her again.  Nothing is ever an accident on this show.

Is Jack really with Locke now?
M.L. House: Which Locke? He's with the real John Locke, the late Man of Faith. Jack has clearly taken on that title. Ironically, Fake Locke is now the Man of Science, or at least the Man of His Own Reality That Opposes Faith in the Island. Jack will soon rebel.

LJ Gibbs: Not until Locke gives him his class ring. But Jack did start calling Sawyer "James," so that's a start.

Mr. Probst: In the literal sense, sure.  Hopefully not in the biblical sense.  That could get awkward.

More forceful order: Harrison Ford telling Gary Oldman to get off his plane in Air Force One, or Sawyer delivering the same message to Jack on the boat last night?
M.L. House: Clearly Ford's President. He didn't give Oldman's villain a chance. He tossed that mother f-cker of his mother f-uckin plane! I may have mixed up movies there.

LJ Gibbs: Alternate question: Lamer exit - Jack's limp, feet-first drop off the bow, or "Exit Wounds?" And God help you if you vote for anything but Jack. I love DMX.

Mr. Probst: Gotta go with Harrison Ford.  Air Force One may have been a bit cheesy, but it's a legendary line that everyone knows.  When Sawyer told Jack to get off his boat, it was just weird.  Not as weird as Jack actually doing so... and swimming that really long distance back to shore in 90 seconds, but weird.

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