NCIS Round Table: "Guilty Pleasure"

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NCIS took us inside the world of high-priced call girls last night, and many memorable moments (both intense and humorous) followed as Gibbs and Holly Snow teamed up.

Check out our NCIS review for our critic's take on "Guilty Pleasure." Below, three staff members delve deeper into Tuesday's episode in our weekly Round Table Q&A  ...

1. How would you rate last night's episode overall?

The Barnacle: 4.5/5. Good pacing, solid twist with the lawyer. I knew it was too easy for Charlotte to have been the killer but admittely didn't see the real culprit coming.

L.J. Gibbs: 4/5. Solid episode, but the humor was laid on a bit thick at times and a real serial murderer would make for a better ending. Those things kept me from 5/5.

M.L. House: 4/5. I thought it was lame to bring Holly Snow back at first, but she grew on me. DiNozzo was annoying for awhile but he came around by the end as well.


2. Gibbs and Holly Snow: Hot or not?

M.L. House:  Hot, but with just the right undertones, and nuance. It's fun to watch a dance around the attraction, rather than the overt moves you see on most shows.

L.J. Gibbs: Hot. People may object to what the writers are doing to Gibbs but I thought he and Snow had great chemistry, and extremely entertaining in this episode.

The Barnacle: Not quite as hot as Rena Sofer's character. Sorry H.

3. More awkward: Tony as a John, or Abby's reaction to Holly?

L.J. Gibbs: Tough one there. The edge goes to Tony as his job at least entails him being semi-smooth in those situations. Abby? She works in the lab for a reason!

M.L. House: The former. That guy was like a fish out of water and it was great how Holly called him out. For all his bravado, Tony is just a huge, movie-loving nerd.

The Barnacle: Abby. Even she didn't know how she felt about Holly and it showed!

4. Tony and McGee: Annoying or adorable?

L.J. Gibbs: A healthy sampling of both, like siblings, or a married couple ... although Gibbs had a point when he said they can't be married, as they're still speaking.

M.L. House: McGee and Tony banter is always fun to watch, and while last night exposed us to a little more than usual, DiNozzo was borderline sweet in the end.

The Barnacle: Awesomely adorable, especially when Tony defended him to McCadden.

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