Survivor Round Table: "Turf Wars"

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Survivor: Nicaragua was flipped on its head with the tribal mix up.  In our review, we tackled the survivors switching tribes and Tyrone's surprise ouster.  Our Round table writers convened to discuss the important events of last night's episode.

What should NaOnka have been thinking?  What was Marty thinking?  What's with Marty's hair?

We're hoping to hear plenty from our readers as well.

Kill and eat the chicken or spare it for more eggs in the future?

Kakdaddy: Was I the only one wondering why they didn't leave the chickens and kill the rooster?

Survivor RT

Quiet Pool: They had what? Three? If you're hungry, eat one.  More food will come along, don't starve yourself if you don't have to.

Lady Gaga: I'm ok with killing one of the chickens now. Survivor is full of surprises, especially with the formation of new tribes, so it benefited the current tribe to eat the chicken prior to the merge so they can be strong for the next challenge.

Mr. Probst: Espada should have waited until a few more eggs were laid then killed a chicken and have a chicken omelet.

You're NaOnka and about to quit.  Who do you give your immunity idol to?

Kakdaddy: Probably Chase.  I also think that it will be especially interesting to see this episode in the mid-season review.  There has to be a lot that they didn't show.

Quiet Pool: First of all I'm not quitting. But if I do disgrace myself like that, I throw my Idol in the ocean.  No one should benefit from my ability to knock over an amputee and grab a clue.

Lady Gaga: Chase is the likely choice. Na knew he was in a tight alliance with her and Brenda so keeping him around would eventually help the alliance. However, she is crazy so she might have left with the idol.

Mr. Probst: I'd give it to Dan.  If he makes the merge, he's basically guaranteed a spot in the finals.  He's unlikely to be voted out early because he isn't a threat and by the time his neck is on the line he'll have his immunity idol.

Should Marty have revealed the hidden immunity idol?

Kakdaddy: I like his logic.  He realized that it probably would be revealed anyway and he was trying to be honest.  He was immediately being bad-mouthed so maybe he saw that coming.  It didn't seem like every young member took it as him being honest so the results aren't looking too good.  To me it just didn't seem like Marty was fitting in very well.  He probably should have just kept a low profile and kept quiet like Jill did and he would have been better off.

Quiet Pool: There are so many ways to play this game, so I'm going to say it might not pay off.  Personally, I like the strategy of keeping the idol to yourself, so that if you're in a pinch, you can surprise everyone.  In this case, he might have been outed by Jane, so he was better off being honest.

Lady Gaga: Yes, but not the way he did. Jane would have eventually told everyone.

Mr. Probst: If he knows that Jane is going to tell them anyway, he's maintains the element of surprise by not telling the tribe.  When his tribe tries to fake him out of playing the idol, he'll know what is going on and can give the idol to Jill for an even bigger surprise when she stays in the game. 

Better hair: Marty (Nicaragua) or Erinn (Tocantins)

Marty's Hair

Kakdaddy: I have to go with Marty.  I've always found it amazing that so many people can go on this show and look good, especially with their hair.  Marty looks exactly like I would probably look.  He's embraced it and just has it sticking out everywhere so Marty wins.  Random sidenote: did something happen at Espada after the switch?  Was it all the rain? Maybe it was her change of status in the game but Alina looked terrific the second half this week.

Quiet Pool: Oh Marty's hair is killing it right now.

Lady Gaga: What would you call Marty's hair style right now, the perpendicular mohawk?  Marty's in control of this match up too.

Mr. Probst: If you don't remember the miracle that was Erinn's hair during Survivor: Tocantins, look it up right now.  The pictures are amazing.

Eulogize the Medallion of Power

Kakdaddy: I thought they actually did it correctly.  It was the first time in use and so getting a little sample allows them to see what worked and what didn't and improve for next time.  After the switch it was a new game.  The one thought I had was maybe they could have put it back up for grabs at the reward challenge and it could have lived on.  Letting it stay where it was though wasn't fair.

Quiet Pool: I cannot.  For I am not convinced we have seen the last of it.  Anything can happen here, so I would not be surprised if it made it's way back before everything is said and done.

Lady Gaga: Your life was too short, but only because you were too powerful.

Mr. Probst: Though the Medallion of Power's time on this earth was short live, its impact was dramatic.  The Medallion was directly responsible for Espada's only challenge win, preventing the other ill-advised twist of young vs. old tribes from being a disaster.  The Medallion of Power was preceded in death by other ill-advised twists such as the Outcasts and the Haves vs. Have Nots. 

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