Survivor Round Table: "Company Will Be Arriving"

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After Alina compared herself to a pawn, our review of last night's episode compared the remaining players to chess pieces and their relative shots to win the game.  However, there are other questions about this week's events on Survivor that need to be debated. 

Should Marty have gone home instead of Alina?  Did Sash honor his agreement from last week with Marty?  What the heck is going on with NaOnka?

Once you've sounded off about who is a pawn and who is a bishop, let us know what you think about our round table questions as well. 

Who should have gone home, Alina or Marty?

Kakdaddy: I've been curious for the longest time why everyone was against Alina.  It didn't seem like she really did anything all that awful, but whatever.  It probably should have been Marty.  Marty is more of a long-term threat if you let him stick around.

Survivor RT

Quiet Pool: Marty. For the past three weeks the answer has been Marty.  How does this guy keep making it through?  Because I know it's not by good game play.

Mr. Probst: Marty said it himself, how is he a threat?  Seriously, why is he a threat?  He's been getting by on luck for the past four episodes.  When Alina got away from Brenda and Sash, she got away from the chopping block.  If she was allowed to stay around while one of them went home, she'd find friends again.

Did this week's vote indicate that Sash kept his promise and gave Marty the idol back?

Kakdaddy: No, I don't think the idol is getting back to Marty.  However, Sash did make sure that Marty wasn't in danger so thats not a worthless gesture.  He probably would have gone home otherwise.

Quiet Pool: No.  The deal was that if Marty was in trouble of leaving, Sash would give the idol back to him.  Sash convinced everyone to vote for Alina so that he wouldn't be forced to either give Marty the idol or go back on his word. 

Mr. Probst: If it didn't, why did Sash make such a big deal about not wanting to have to go back on his word when talking to Jane?  I assumed he was referring giving the idol back, but did he really mean he didn't want to vote Marty out this week?

Were Marty and Alina really as dangerous as their tribe made them out to be?

Kakdaddy: I think Marty can be.  He has a few people that could support him and he's smart enough to figure something out.  I don't think he will last until the end as thats a pretty tall order, but he has a better chance than Alina did.

Marty Contemplates

Quiet Pool: I guess.  They were playing strategically, that is more dangerous than most of the people this season.  Apparently, neither one of them are as dangerous as Jane though, who is guaranteed to win this thing if she makes it to the end.

Mr. Probst: As Marty pointed out in tribal council, there are a number of players who are more dangerous than him (or Alina).  The list includes Brenda, Sash, Benry, Jane (because of her story) and NaOnka.  All of them are favored to win over Alina and Marty.

Did NaOnka's attempt to "play the game" by buttering up Alina take you by surprise?

Kakdaddy: It did.  That was a truly intelligent play.  She might have won Alina's vote if she makes it until the end.  However, she matched that with a truly crazy play to steal the tribes stuff.  She is clearly nuts, but I guess she has moments of clarity and thoughfulness.

Quiet Pool: Yeah, she has been very surprising lately.  If you were to tell me after two weeks that NaOnka would be someone I was slightly impressed by, I'd say you were crazy.  But then she went and stole the flour and the pots and pans, so she lost all of my good will.

Mr. Probst: Nothing about NaOnka surprises me anymore.  I've conditioned myself to expect the unexpected.  If she decided to quit next week I wouldn't be surprised. 

Alina called herself a pawn.  Explain what chess piece you'd compare Jane to.

Kakdaddy: Jane is a pawn too - a stronger pawn in a better position, but that's all.  Jane is going to have to do some serious playing to get herself to the final three.  While Alina was all by herself, Jane has a full assortment of allies battling with her.  Sash and Brenda are clearly running the show though. 

Quiet Pool: Is there a piece that just does whatever it wants no matter what is going on in the game?  She's like a robot piece that thinks on it's own.  It really amazes me that she continues to vote for Marty no matter what anyone else in her alliance says.  This should come back to hurt her in the end.

Mr. Probst: I called her a rook in my review and I'm sticking with it.  She's a straight forward type of player.  Not many angles to her game. 

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