The Top TV Couples of 2010: Round Two!

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You asked/demanded/complained, TV Fanatics, and we've responded!

Following yesterday's contentious battle of television's top couples in 2010, many readers wondered why certain pairings were missing from our list. The answer? So we can do it all again, of course.

We've gathered a new crop of couples below. Read about each, cast your vote and then return next week for a final showdown between the winner of both polls. Who is truly the Top Television Couple of 2010? Perhaps one of these examples...

Gregory House and Lisa Cuddy, House. For many seasons, the former would simply make jokes about the latter's breasts. Now, he actually gets to touch them! And House viewers get to watch these two figure out a way to balance their personal lives with their professional obligations.

Clark Kent and Lois Lane, Smallville. As iconic a couple as you'll find, years' worth of drama and suspense culminated in a proposal on Smallville's year-end episode. But there are still plenty of obstacles for these two to overcome on the show's final season. Stay tuned.

Hospital Interaction
Clark and Lois Scene
Jackson Teller and Tara Knowles, Sons of Anarchy. So they weren't together a lot on season three. And one of them may have banged a porn star in order to drive the other way. But they're expecting parents and have a relationship that can't be matched by anyone else here in terms of intensity and raw emotion.

Eric and Tami Taylor, Friday Night Lights. Simply put, the most loving marriage in the history of television.

Tara and Jax
Supportive Couple

Rachel Berry and Finn Hudson, Glee. These two didn't end the year on a good note. At all. But even in their darkest of times, they gave us the beautiful duet of "Last Christmas." With voices such as these, how can they not end up together?!?

Cooper Friedman and Charlotte King, Private Practice: Addison and Sam heat things up, but watching Cooper try to work through the complexities, pain and angst after the devastating attack on Charlotte has been a compelling byproduct of the most shocking story on TV this fall.

Couple in Character
Charlotte and Cooper Picture

Bill Compton and Sookie Stackhouse, True Blood. Would make the list solely based on the way Bill says his lover's name. Sooookie! The animalistic sex scenes and the passion that continues to bring these two together don't hurt, either.

Marshall and Lily Eriksen, How I Met Your Mother: Barney's pickup lines, Robin's foibles and Ted's search for the Mother get all the attention, but Marshmallow and Lily Pad are the glue. Year in and year out, anyone in a long-term relationship can relate to theirs.

Bill and Sookie Pic
Lily's Birthday


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