Pretty Little Liars Round Table: "Never Letting Go"

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Have A's care tactics grown tiresome? Who looked the most dashing at the fashion show? And is there true hope for Hanna's parents?

In this edition of the Pretty Little Liars Round Table, Editor-in-Chief Matt Richethal is joined by staff writers Eric Hochber and Steve Marsi to break down events on "Never Letting Go." Let's get right to it, shall we?


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: THE BITCH IS BACK! THE BITCH IS BACK! Does that answer your question? Hilarious, absurd, unexpected.

Steve: Did you notice Hanna's look when Caleb walked in? She can deny is all she likes. But this young girl is smitten and should just go with.

Eric: Can I go with my favorite NON-scene? Sorry, Ezra lovers, but I was glad to get a break from him this week. Aria just seemed so much happier and relaxed when talking to Jason.

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Who looked best on the runway?
Matt: Spencer. It was shocking seeing her so dressed up. And did you see that low cut black numbers? You go, girl!

Steve: Aria. Purple is definitely her color.

Eric: Are you boys blind?!? Did you close your eyes when Hanna came out? The short black dress? The high hair? The pushed up cleavage? Yes, please.

Will Hanna's parents make it?
Matt: No way. What kind of boring teen soap opera would keep two happy parents together?!?

Steve: No. Things will get very interesting, and maybe deadly, when we meet her dad's fiancee. Let's not forget that she's out there.

Eric: You guys are such cynics. I believe in second chances and I believe that Hanna's dad will remain in the picture no matter what happens. He's learned his lesson.

Is A growing tiresome?
Matt: YES! The best thing PLL could do would be to do away with this storyline. It was needed at first to set the suspenseful stage, but each act is more ludicrous than the last and there's no way for any of it to make sense in the end. This can simply be a Desperate Housewives for a younger generation. There's plenty of material to mine without A around.

Steve: Tiresome?!? She played a video in a cemetery last week and stopped a fashion show here with a crazy rock anthem. I can't wait to see what A does next!

Eric: I see Matt's point. There's enough in these girls' lives to keep me glued to the screen each week. It does seem almost old and boring at this point to have all the girls react with dread each time they get a text; and it also makes for lazy writing because the answer to each mystery is: A is responsible somehow.

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