Pretty Little Liars Review: A Sight For Sore Eyes

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In the biting words of Hanna Marin: Wow Jenna, what a sight for sore eyes. | permalink

At the end of last week's Pretty Little Liars, the girls discovered that Jenna was lying about the fact that she was still blind. Or, as Aria put it: "Bitch can see!"

In "Kingdom of the Blind" it was only fitting that we'd witness Jenna's story get taken one step further.

Pretty Little Liars at Lunch

The one thing I didn't anticipate was how confrontational Hanna has gotten. Not gonna lie, I'm loving it! I would've been so annoyed if the liars watched Jenna pull away in her car without saying anything. Luckily, we didn't have to because Hanna's got balls of steel. Girl really got into it this episode; she is just plain tired of being pushed around. 

I get that Lucas is going through some sort of downward spiral, and, let's face it, everyone in Rosewood is fairly unhinged, but did he forget how to work a shower? It was clear through Lucas and Caleb's conversation that Lucas knows all about Mona and the A-team. I also just need to throw in how much I love Caleb. He is a phenomenal boyfriend. Do they clone him? Thanks.

Now, here is my gripe about the A-team:

Have you ever wondered why so many people would be invested in ruining the lives of four girls who were just best friends with a bitch? It's not as if the girls are Alison. Alison has also been deceased for two years now. This isn't some run of the mill, bitchy girl fighting. You have to be really sick in the head to get involved with crew that digs up dead bodies, tries to run people over, makes bracelets out of a dead girl's teeth and pretty much commits all of one's time to taking down a quartet of teen girls.

I know, this is the whole fun and premise of the show, but it just seems like the number of people who are torturing the liars is increasing by the episode. So far we have Mona in the nuthouse and Lucas admitting that he is in the know. He was also caught with the black swan. Then there's Garrett, who is also in the know, but now he's behind bars. Next we have Melissa Hastings, who faked how long ago her miscarriage was. Who knows if she was ever really pregnant?

The answer to the question about why Melissa would marry Ian if it wasn't his baby, but rather Garrett's, is pretty simple and I'm surprised that Spencer didn't realize it. If Ian did go to trial for Alison's murder, Melissa would not have to testify against him under spousal protection. Veronica Hastings seems like a pretty shrewd woman. What is her move here? At least Spencer finally confronted someone in her family!

Last but certainly not least we have Jenna. We know she has been involved in the past, and there was even the scene in the finale when she met up with the black swan in her convertible. If she's capable about lying to the world that she's still blind, what makes the girls think she would possibly be telling the truth that someone is out to get her. Please, that was a beautiful sob story she told the liars, but I do NOT buy it for one second. I don't trust that girl as far as I can throw her. 

It's about time the liars threw on some armor and started standing up for themselves. Last season "poor Emily" used to trend on twitter. Now she's a BAMF in training. I love this. I want to see what these girls are made of. This week showed major strides from Spencer, Hanna and Emily. Will next week be Aria's turn to shine? Hit the comments! 

Kingdom of the Blind Review

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