Pretty Little Liars Round Table: "It Happened That Night"

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Pretty Little Liars returned in exciting, mysterious style Monday night, airing a season three premiere that left both viewers and the four title characters muttering: WTH?!?

In this edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table, panelists Nick McHatton, Christina Tran, Leigh Raines and Carissa Pavlica breakdown "It Happened That Night," from their favorite moment to their biggest surprise and more. Pull up a figurative chair and join in now!


What was your favorite scene from the premiere?
Nick: The liars getting back to scheming! Things were out in the open for all of 10 minutes before they were back to their old habits, and I couldn't be happier. Spencer saying "bitch crazy" is also a highlight.

Christina: When A 2.0 texted the girls: “Mona played with dolls, I play with body parts.” So dark and creepy. Game on, indeed. 

Leigh: I'm with Christina. That line was like a bitch slap. Summer fun is over, A IS BACK!

Carissa: Definitely seeing Emily at the open grave. Spencer's mom said the body was already gone when they went back to exhume it, but I don't think anyone actually told the girls, did they? That makes the moment even scarier.

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What the biggest surprise from the premiere?
Nick: Seeing what Mona was looking at!

Christina: Aria’s hair and her folks’ split. First off, I totally love her new ‘do. As for the latter, it just seems like Aria’s way too okay with what looks to be a serious break for her parents. Plus, all we got was a strange scene with a living room full of boxes. Where was Mike? How about Byron?

Leigh: Emily finding herself, shovel in hand, standing above her dead best friend's dug up grave. That took things to a whole new level.

Carissa: Aria and Ezra out in the open. It kind of freaked me out how easily Ella agreed to have dinner with them. Time really has passed!

Which character changed the most over the "summer" and how?
Nick: Emily. She regressed back into her shell a little bit over Maya's death. She's no longer strong and confident, but reserved and binge drinking to ease the pain.

Christina: Mona, for sure. Bring on the straightjacket because I had no idea she was that cray cray. She’s totally seeing dead people!

Leigh: I think Emily is the obvious choice and I praised Shay Mitchell in my review, but for the Round Table I'm going with Hanna. I think she's become much stronger and independent. She is the only one with enough balls to go and confront and speak to Mona.

Carissa: Hanna seems more grounded, stronger and more willing to think things through before jumping to conclusions. I don't think it will last long now that they're back together, but I'm proud of her for thinking of Mona, whatever her motivations to visit might be; because she remembers how easy it was to be on the outside looking in or because she needs to know what drove her to the edge.

Your best guess on who the next "A" will be?
Nick: There are a few suspects out there, and, as always, we have no idea. However, the fact that Mona keeps looking at Alison during the Hannah visits makes me wonder if Alison is really dead. And, if not, is she still pulling the strings? Digging up her grave could be a symbolic gesture that she's coming back from the dead to wreck havoc in the liars' lives.

Christina: Wren! Otherwise, why is this guy still even in Rosewood? If you think about it, we know so little about him. Why is he treating Mona? What does he really specialize in? Is he the only doctor in Rosewood? And, lastly, how would he even know Hanna? I honestly can’t remember ever seeing a scene with both Hanna and Wren together.

Leigh: Jenna. 100%. It was her car that took Emily and had the meeting with the black swan. She is pretending she is still blind. She hasn't been away for the summer, she's been plotting. Also, I think the Halloween episode set the tone for more Jenna vs. Ali stuff.

Carissa: I really think it's Alison. Just how many teenage girls have actual visions and conversations with said visions? I don't buy it. Girlfriend is a ghost like the CIA, not like a dead chick.

 Do  you think it will be smooth sailing for Ezria from here on out?
Nick: Is it ever smooth sailing for them? Is Byron still considered part of the show? He could still be making Ezra's life hell as a teacher.

Christina: Smooth sailing… in Rosewood?! That’s just unthinkable. I am definitely digging where Ezria’s storyline is going, though, with Ella trying to accept their “in a relationship” status. It’s going to be interesting to see how their story continues to unfold – especially with Byron still on the fence.

Leigh: Yeah right! But I'm sure they'll get some loving in nonetheless.

Carissa: Something tells me Byron will rear his ugly head and cause some trouble. The other possibility is that another boy will catch Aria's eye. She did have some wanderlust last season when there were shirtless boys around!

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