Pretty Little Liars Round Table: "Kingdom of the Blind"

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Welcome to another edition of the Pretty Little Liars Round Table!

In this week's edition, TV Fanatic staff members Carissa Pavlica, Christina Tran and Nick McHatton are joined by special guest Angela from @PrettyLyingGame to rundown "Kingdom of the Blind." Read their take and then chime in below with your own...


What was your favorite moment or quote from the episode?
Angela: The exchange between Ella and Ezra after the latter told the principal that he was responsible for Emily's test score. Favorite PLL quote? "Thanks for the soda" It was really cute.

Nick: Lucas' newfound dark sense of humor.

Christina: Mona’s freak out moment. I mean, WTF?!? I was definitely taken aback and then I couldn’t stop laughing. Ridiculous!

Carissa: The following exchange... Mona: It helps pass the time. Caleb: Until what? For some reason, that comeback made me laugh out loud!

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What do you think really happened with Melissa?
Angela: Contrary to popular belief, I think that Melissa WAS indeed pregnant at some point. But her miscarriage happened a long time ago and she then continued to fake her pregnancy. Maybe she thought that "A" wouldn't hurt a pregnant woman? Then when she was too near her due date, she called her mom and had her help her get her story/lies straight. 

Nick: She's definitely covering up something. The paternity issues raising the right questions, and now it's just a matter of finding out if she gave the baby up for adoption or maybe had a miscarriage; those theories assume that she was ever pregnant to begin with, of course. Whatever it is, Melissa's timeline is once again in question, and if she's connected to Garret that just sheds more doubts on her stories.

Christina: She was never pregnant. This would also mean that she’s likely the black swan.

Carissa: I think Spencer’s entire family is a giant mess, and Melissa is just one more nut on the family tree. I’m betting she lost the baby long before she left town. I don’t think she would know the truth if it slapped her in the face, so our only hope of ever discovering it is with the help of Nancy “Spencer” Drew finding it out herself.

Lucas has changed from a wimp to a cocky creep. What's behind the change?
Angela: Lucas is finally standing up for himself, I think maybe because he has seen too many people get hurt. Also, a little bravodo will help him ward off "A." Or maybe he has mental health issues of his own, wasn't said earlier in the series that both of Lucas's parents are therapists? Both of those could be reasons for the change in his behavior. Additionally, if the rumors are true and Lucas is on the so-called A-team, he just needs to start stepping things up in general.

Nick: Well his clothing choices certainly match the A wardrobe now, and I could certainly see him playing on the "team." Personally I think he's being manipulated by A and is lashing out in other areas.

Christina: Like the rest of the gang, he’s being bullied by A. Also, he must have forgotten how to shave and shower.

Carissa: I think he’s being played, big time by the As. He thinks he’s in on the game, but he’s being used. He just doesn’t have the goods to be a part of the in crowd and he’ll more likely end up like Mona that not. The big A Team are weeding out the lesser evils one by one.

Caleb visiting Mona. Good or bad idea?
Angela: Bad idea. He shouldn't have rattled her cage because even though she is still locked up, she can still harm people. Vivian or Alison and a possible A team is still out there and acting as "A." He shouldn't have been so brash with Mona because she is already jealous that he took Hanna away from her. Caleb totally fueled her fire.

Nick: Good in that it gave us the confirmation that Mona is faking her craziness.

Christina: Good. I like Caleb and the way he cares so much for Hanna. Ditto to what Nick said as well.

Carissa: I love Caleb, and his heart was in the right place. He’s looking out for Hanna. But in going there he learned only that she’s in more trouble than she knows and that protecting her is basically a full time job. When he asks her to stop and she doesn’t, it will be harder for him to stick around. Good idea, poor in execution.

Hanna finally forced Jenna's hand. What happens next?
Angela: It is reasonable to believe that Jenna has been a target of "A" just like the four girls have been. So all of the manipulative things that Jenna has done in the past, could have just been her taking orders from "A." Therefore, Jenna is not as evil as we all thought she was. She is actually scared. As for what happens next, the four girls will agree to keeping her sight a secret. But, they will probably add a stipulation, just in case she is lying about being a scared target. Or, if they need to use her as bait for "A" later on. Spencer will probably convince the other three girls to keep Jenna's secret, just to help keep Toby safe.

Nick: It's a good step in finding out more about Garret and maybe Melissa, but until we know more about the target on her back it's hard to say if she is a target of "A."

Christina: I just don’t buy it. It’s hard to believe anyone on this show.

Carissa: If Garrett was a target, and Jenna and Garrett were a couple, it’s entire plausible that Jenna was a target, too. Damn if her story about picking up Emily didn’t sound logical! She had a lot of time to become a good actress, but she didn’t really make good use of the time; driving around town, picking up things and glaring at them with her EYES with six feet under the bathroom stall right behind her. Anything is possible on Pretty Little Liars!

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