Breaking Bad Round Table: "Hazard Pay"

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The action on Breaking Bad grew especially in-tents last Sunday, as Walt and Jesse figured out a new cooking method, while Mike clashed with his colleague over how to keep his guys quiet and loyal.

In the latest edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table, staff writers Matt Richenthal, Dan Forcella and Lisa Palmer break down all the action and take a look ahead: Will Mike actually make it out of this summer in one piece?


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: The appearance of Jesse Plemons of Friday Night Lights fame as one of the thieves/workers. Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose seeing him on screen!

Dan: I'm all for anything and everything having to do with Walt nonchalantly acting like he hasn't become the biggest drug lord in the southwest.  Specifically in this episode, I'd have to go with him unpacking with a smile, watching Scarface with Flynn or casually chatting with Jesse about his future.

Lisa: I love any episode that shows us a meth-making sequence and this one was no exception. Also enjoyable? Seeing Mike as a paralegal.

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More manipulative: Walt's excuse to Marie for Skyler's breakdown or Walt's speech to Jesse about Andrea?
Matt: I wouldn't say Walt manipulated Marie as much as he told her a skewed version of the truth. But the guy was in full-on conniving mode when he pretended to actually bond with Jesse and care about his love life... while possessing a clear, selfish agenda. It was disturbingly beautiful to watch.

Lisa: I'd say Walt's excuse to Marie for Skyler's breakdown was downright disgusting. Now only did he out her for a pretty deserved affair, he also made himself look like the victim. Gross.

Dan: Absolutely Walt's excuse to Marie. I loved every second of it. He doesn't care at all anymore. Throw my wife under the bus? Sure! Why not?!?!  Like Lisa said, he gets to be the victim and they continue to cover up the truth. Win, win.

Saul nicknamed himself, Jesse and Walt "The Three Amigos." Come up with your own nickname for Walt, Jesse, Saul and Mike.
Matt: Forgive me for my obsession with couple nicknames - I blame Robsten - but I've gotta go with Wessaulke.

Lisa: The Four Horseman of the Apocalypse.

Dan: The Three Amigos and Mike. Who does he think he is stealing all of that money from Walt??!? The king stays the king, and Mike will get his soon enough for the way he's treating Walt.

What are the odds that Mike makes it out of this summer alive?
Matt: 15:1. He's too entertaining and I'm not sure what benefit will actually be reaped by Walt if he does take Mike out. There's a business to run here and Mike does specialize in an important aspect of it. Mike may wanna look out for his thumbs, but I think his heart will continue to beat all summer long.

Lisa: Not. Good.

Dan: As I said, he will get his, but I'd say it's still 60-40 that he makes it through these next five episodes. Chances he makes it through the series? 10%.

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