Once Upon a Time Round Table: "Broken"

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The curse may have been lifted, but consequences were felt by all on the Once Upon a Time Season 2 premiere.

Where will things go from here? Our TV Fanatic Round Table team of Jim Garner, Nick McHatton and Christine Orlando is on the case! Join them now as they weigh in on "Broken," Q&A style!


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Jim: When Emma explained that being cursed without parents may have been worse than them all being cursed together by Regina. It had to be hard for Snow and James to hear Emma second guess a choice they felt was absolutely the right choice.

Nick: This is a hard question because it was such an awesome premiere, but I think my favorite scene is the end when Snow and Emma are sent back to present Fairy Tale land. It's such a great concept that a piece of fairytale land still exists, and it gives Emma and her newly found mother a chance to really find a new relationship that works between them. I also loved all the Disney references.

Christine: I felt Emma's reaction was really honest. How do you react to finding out that your parents were fairy tale characters who abandoned you because of a curse. She was overwhelmed and not ready for the lovefest/reunion that Mary Margaret was hoping for.

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Who was the guy who received the postcard and who do you think sent it?
Jim: I'm guessing Balefire. As he is one of the few people from storybook land who is not directly tied to the curse, he would be able to come and go.

Nick: I'm with Jim on this one, I think it's Rump's son Baelfire. There were a lot of clues in his apartment, and I'm guessing he couldn't enter Storybrooke until the curse was broken because he wasn't technically a part of fairy tale land when the curse was cast. If I had to wager a second guess, I'd go with Henry's father.

Christine: I'm all confused. If it's Baelfire, which is possible, then who would know where he is and send him that post card? It's all a big mystery and I'm very intrigued.

How long will Belle stick by Rumplestiltskin?
Jim: She's set on saving him and helping him become a good man. I have to say if anything can turn someone from evil to good it would be the love of a good woman. Here's hoping she's right.

Nick: I think true love will cause her to stay with him for a while, but he continually shows that while he does love her he always finds loopholes in her love that will allow him to stay addicted to his power. For me the question becomes how long she's willing to put up with that.

Christine: I give her half a season before her heart is broken enough for her to leave. I love a great love story and I'm a big fan of Rumplestiltskin's but I'm not convinced he can change enough to have a long term relationship with Belle.

Do you think Mulan was in love with Prince Phillip?
Jim: Given the culture she comes from, I would bet on honor and duty bound to him first, but she did shy away when Phillip woke Aurora with a kiss, so maybe there were some feelings. 

Nick: Absolutely, I think it's hard not to develop feelings for someone when they value the things you value, and you spend all of your waking moments with them. Is it a true love thing like Snow and Charming have? Maybe, but I do think she has feelings for him.

Christine: Yes, to some degree. They've obviously gone through a lot together and it's normal for feelings to emerge under such circumstances. Unfortunately for her, it looks like he's in love with Aurora so I hope that Mulan can move on.

What new story book character are you hoping to see (or can't wait to see) this season?
Jim: I'm excited for all of them really, but if I have to pick one, I can't wait to see what they do with Captain Hook. Maybe I'm just a pirate fan at heart, but I think they can have a lot of fun with him.

Nick: Well, Mulan has been one of my favorite Disney princesses since I was a kid, so I'm really happy that she's already making an appearance. Aside from also having Captain Hook coming to Storybrooke the only other character I really want to see if Peter Pan.

Christine: After my interview with Sinqua Walls I'm looking forward to seeing Sir Lancelot. He's a hired sword who has had his heart broken. That means he's capable of almost anything. Perhaps he can help heal Mulan's broken heart?

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