The League Review: There's Something About Andre

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On this very special episode of The League, a serious issue was treated with the class, respect and dignity that it deserved.

Just kidding! Two grown adults fought like deranged children over a pretty serious question, while Andre was publicly humiliated on multiple occasions. Which is to say, "The Hoodie" was classic The League.

Kevin Argue with Jenny

One front where "The Hoodie" did break from tradition, however, was tone. While this show's jokes usually fall somewhere on the spectrum between Adult Swim-style absurdity and Seinfeldian nihilism, much of "The Hoodie" took a turn into Farrelly Brothers territory, with fights and/or jokes about penises taking up most of the screen time.

But I thought it worked well - so well, in fact, that it made me wonder how these characters do anything besides shout penis jokes at each other all day, every day. And honestly, wouldn't a humiliating genital deformity explain so much about Andre?

Taco remained in the spotlight , getting in many of this week's most choice The League quotes. But as he and Kevin have risen to the forefront this season, Pete and Ruxin have been relegated to the background. Despite an inspired monologue about dating-as-fantasy-football, Pete's subplot with Sutton basically existed to set up Taco's one-liners. But seriously, with one-liners this good, who can complain?

I was surprised but delighted to see Shiva herself pop up this week. As you may recall, Shiva's last experience with the group did not exactly end on good terms...and (surprise!) neither did this one.

I enjoyed Shiva's cursing of the gang; one thing that keeps The League's humor from feeling mean-spirited is that when the gang goes up against an outsider, the outsider always triumphs. Yes, these people are maniacs, but they only ever really hurt themselves (and poor little Christopher "Chalupa Batman" MacArthur, of course).

Shiva's curse seemed like the beginning of a loose narrative framework that will propel the rest of the season - like last year's efforts to keep Ruxin from finding out about the original draft order. I assume the curse is going to be metaphorical, but who knows? Perhaps the writers are taking inspiration from actress Janina Gavankar's other show, True Blood - maybe The League is about to go full-tilt magical realism.

Can you honestly say that you do not want to see Andre hook up with a were-panther? You cannot!

Did you enjoy the return of Shiva? What will be the fate of young Christopher MacArthur? Are you already an Andre/ were-panther 'shipper? Let me know in the comments!

The Hoodie Review

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