The Mindy Project Review: Ante Up

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If Mindy Kaling and her team of writers aren't popping bottles somewhere tonight, someone should call a doctor... a real one. As the lights came on and last call arrived on "In The Club,"  I found myself craving another round. 

Maybe it was the image of Derek Jeter taking home a white tiger, or Mindy's Harry Potter reference or even hearing Baron Davis talk about the merits of Splash the movie. Whatever it was, I hope we are in for more of the same in coming weeks. 

Mindy and Amar

I loved that Shauna, Betsy and Morgan got some added screen time tonight, while still leaving room for the likes of Danny to strut his stuff. To argue just how good the show is, one only need look at our favorite Mindy Project quotes each week and note the array of characters that supply them.

The show may be called The Mindy Project, produced by Mindy, starring Mindy - but she is far from the only bright light that shoots across our televisions each Tuesday night.

I'm still confused over Anna Camp's role and like, Mindy, I too was disappointed with their conversation this week.

While I'm not so sure Danny would earn a ticket to Vegas from Nigel, he did know how to grind like his name was Eric Nies. I was mortified for Sauna when Danny danced with her like she was the flower girl at his best friend's wedding. At least she gets to move her desk away from the air vent.

Mindy certainly has feelings for Danny, but could the NBA Jerry Maguire be enough to complete her? Let us know what you thought.  

In The Club Review

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