The Mindy Project Review: Keep Calm and Carry On

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Mindy and Danny have been musing about the day when they would take over the practice, but they never imagined it would come so soon.

As "Two to One" got underway, we said goodbye to Stephen Tobolowski's character and ushered in a new chapter on The Mindy Project

Aside from the way Dr. Shulman just upped and quit, tonight was as balanced an episode as we have seen so far on the show. Critics have asked if we were ever going to see Mindy actually practice medicine and act like an actual doctor. Not only did we see her in the operating room, but we also watched her examination room manner, as well as her dedication to her job when she spent repeated nights on the hospital couch. 

Mindy Is Unhappy

Mindy juggles a lot, what with her career, friends and love interests, but she has yet to drop a ball. I was a little disappointed to see her so easily convinced to take her day off, but it did allow for us to tag along on her lunch and sample sale shop with Gwen and newcomer Alex played by Kelen Coleman of The Newsroom. I loved the human changing room and how her friends urged Mindy to get back to the office when they learned someone was stealing her patients. 

Danny may not have been the best salesman when it came to convincing their patients to stay, but the way he talked down to the midwives from up on his higher education horse was classic Castellano. Jeremy wasn't much better with the ladies, but his decent into vanity stricken panic was hilarious and made for some great Mindy Project quotes.

At the end of the day, no one protected this house like Mindy did. She rang the gong and restored order to the practice as she put the birthing brothers in their place, but also showed she is never one to ignore a little charm.

That flirtation had me worried Mindy might be led astray, but enter Josh with a bag full of Thai food and a funny line about hospital posters. While I still think Danny is "her lobster," I am enjoying the chemistry between Mindy and her lawyer and I am very much enjoying this show. What did you think? 

Two to One Review

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