Once Upon a Time Round Table: "In the Name of the Brother"

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"In the Name of the Brother" brought back Frankenstein's monster and exposed Storybrooke to the outside world.

Below, our Once Upon a Time Round Table of TV Fanatic writers Nick McHatton, Jim Garner, and Carla Day are joined by Gareth from Once Upon a Fan to debate Rumple and Belle's future and whether a horror story monster belongs in the fairy tale universe.


What was your favorite scene?

Gareth: Belle throwing the Chipped Cup was heartbreaking. As a symbol of their relationship, seeing it destroyed like that really got to me. In that moment, I think Rumple lost all hope that he could get Belle back. This was a powerful scene that touched many fans.

Nick: I loved Ruby's chat with Dr. Whale about finding the good in Storybrooke. They both have a past that haunts them, but they finally have a shot at putting it behind them even though they are "cursed" to Storybrooke. The Star Wars ringtone was awesome, also.

Jim: I loved watching Rumple dump out the coins. They would flicker between between and color and just kept coming. My inner-DnD geek screamed "bag of holding."

Carla: When Henry realized that Dr. Frankenstein's story wasn't in his book. I didn't understand why that character was included on the show, but at least it was recognized in some way. Though, he was present in Fairy Tale Land in his first origin episode, right?

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Do you think Regina will join forces with Cora?

Gareth: Definitely. Evil is brewing in Storybrooke. I think Cora will use Henry as the instrument for getting Regina to do exactly what she wants. However, I am hoping for a 'Darth Vader' moment further down the road when Regina turns on Cora.

Nick: No more than is necessary.

Jim: I'm hoping she is playing Cora to find out what she wants. I would hate to think of the two of them actually working together.

Carla: I hope not. Cora's playing her daughter and I hope Regina is just manipulating her back.

Does Frankenstein belong in the Once Upon a Time universe?

Gareth: Yes. The writers have always stated that all kinds of stories would be explored on the show. This opens up the show to new worlds and characters, keeping the show fresh. My only concern would be that the core characters don't suffer as a result of too many new introductions.

Nick: He does now, as Henry pointed out that the curse swept up people with different stories. While it would be nice to have just Disney past and characters, but it would be hard to sustain a show over the long term restricted to that. Is Frankenstein the best fit in the universe? Not necessarily, but, boiled down, his themes do run the same as Once's, and that's really my only requirement that the more "out there" in terms of relation to fairy tales are molded in a way that fits with the themes of the show.

Jim: Absolutely, pulling characters from other works of fiction allow for a much broader and well rounded world. Just because he wasn't a "fairytale" doesn't make it any less of a "story" now does it?

Carla: No. As I mentioned above, I hated his inclusion initially. This episode didn't change that. It could also be because I wanted a happier character for Dr. Whale.

Should Rumple have left Belle to go look for Baelfire?

Gareth: I think Rumple truly believes Belle is lost to him at this stage. All he has left now is Baelfire, so all of his energy and time will be devoted to the search for him. His son is the only thing keeping him from falling into total darkness.

Nick: I can't blame him wanting to look for Bael since Belle is freaking out whenever she's around him, plus his original intention for helping create the curse is to find Bael, so it's not surprising Rump's going to continue looking for his son even if Belle became harmed along the way.

Jim: Yeah, she needs time. Hell, Rumple needs time. I'm really surprised he didn't turn Hook or the Witness into a rat, mouse, bird before he left.

Carla: Stay or go, either decision would have made sense. Since Belle is distraught when he's around and Cora provided the means for him to find Bael, he shouldn't feel bad for leaving Belle behind.

Out of all of the great Once Upon a Time quotes, who had the best line of the episode?

Gareth: "Emma, Henry and the two idiots."  It really made me laugh. Lana Parilla delivers sassy lines so effortlessly. Although Ruby's "I ate my boyfriend" came a close second.

Nick: Emma's "In a normal town the Sheriff goes in and asks a few questions. She doesn't bring her parents in with her."

Jim:  Emma's "You're chained down. He's on his feet, immortal, has magic, and you hurt his girl. If I were to pick dead guy of the year, I'd pick you."

Carla: When Regina referred to Mary Margaret and David as "the two idiots." That cracked me up.

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