Pretty Little Liars Round Table: "Misery Loves Company"

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That's right, everyone! The Pretty Little Liars Round Tables are back!

This week, staff writerTeresa Lopez, Leigh Raines and Carissa Pavlica gather around to discuss "Misery Loves Company." Issues include whether or not to trust Byron, what Ali's latest coming means and who the SHE is that Mona refers to when she's talking with Toby. With this show, the questions never cease!

So sit back and enjoy the ride - because at the end, it's your turn to share in the comments!


What was Toby saying was "too soon" in the beginning scene with Mona?

Teresa: I think it was too soon to make a move on Hanna, especially after she just confronted Mona. It made it seem really obvious that Mona is still working as A.

Leigh: I think he was saying it was too soon after Hanna telling Mona to screw off to pull an A-ttack. It was obviously connected to Mona.

Carissa: Anything Mona does is too soon. Bitch just got out of the nuthouse and really needs to hold her nuts close to the vest. If she lets out exactly how cra-cray she is, she'll head back in and it will be harder for them to work together. So, it could have been anything because she thinks she's above it all. She's not as smart as she thinks.

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Who do you think "she" is that Mona keeps referring to as "A." Could it possibly be Meredith??

Teresa: I don't know, but I have a feeling it's either going to be completely ridiculous or a huge letdown.

Leigh: No, Meredith is just a psychooooo. SHE is the leader of the A team. A herself. I still think it's the whole Ali twin thing.

Carissa: I agree with both Teresa and Leigh. It's either going to be completely ridiculous or a huge letdown, but my gut says it's going to be Ali herself. I think her twin, that we don't know about but who was in the books, is dead. I don't think that's how it went down in the books, but I think it's going to be the real Ali still alive. Hey, if Sutton lived on The Lying Game, anything is possible. And depressing.

Why did Ali tell Aria that she chose her? What did that mean?

Teresa: Again, that one was really cryptic. It could have something to do with her being the last one to have a vision of Ali. And her clues were way more meaningful this time around than they have been for Hanna, Emily, or Spencer. Maybe Aria is the one who's going to figure this stuff out.

Leigh: Oh, this was very confusing. I think maybe she meant why she chose to visit her this time around and give a clue. I think Aria was always her favorite actually. Maybe she was trying to make Aria remember her strength in something.

Carissa: I can only imagine it has something to do with Byron, Meredith or a relationship Aria has that the other Liars don't. Telling her she picked her doesn't mean much, since she's already "picked" the others, too.

Do you believe Byron now that he's "come clean" with the Liars or do you think he's covering his own 'A'ss?

Teresa: I think Byron was actually being truthful, but he's weird behavior last week makes it really hard for fans to trust him at all. That and all the cheating.

Leigh: I kinda believe him. Plus who doesn't love Chad Lowe after his whole thing with Lena Dunham at the Golden Globes.

Carissa: I can't trust him. It seemed like pulling the "then I'll just go down to the police station" trick was calling her bluff, because he knows how against all things police she is. If she wanted to go to the police, she would have already done it. He still has secrets to hide.

Will Paige and Caleb working together work for or against the Liars, and why?

Teresa: Paige and Caleb will be working for the girls but also against them. The Liars do not want those pictures to come out, but they failed to realize that those little secrets have kept them under A's thumb for way too long. It's going to cause some rifts, and I'll bet Paige has some ulterior motive as well.

Leigh: Despite good intentions, Paige and Caleb will probably make things worse. Remember that time Caleb got shot? Cause I still do.

Carissa: They are going to be in so far over their heads they won't even know what hit them. They only know the very bottom of what the Liars have been through, and only what they've deemed appropriate to tell them which, frankly, hasn't been much. Somehow I think we'll see Caleb and Paige tied to a pole back to back with a torch ready to light them up, with the Liars struggling to save them like in an old cartoon.

Give your thoughts on the return of the season so far. Is the mystery still keeping you intrigued?

Teresa: I'm enjoying the season so far, but I'm worried the show will keep spinning its wheels on these big mysteries. Possibly because once we know who killed Ali and who's on the A-team, it'll be difficult to keep the show as interesting.

Leigh: I'm into it but I'd really love to get some more insight on why Toby is on the A team. I also want to know who else is on the A team and who's running it.

Carissa: I'm really liking it, but I miss Jenna. I never thought I would say that, but in a comparison of Jenna and Mona, Mona falls short. Her perky annoying threats don't do it for me. I liked the sleek diabolical nature of Jenna, and how she kept us on our toes. Maybe she wasn't out to get the Liars...wait, yes she was! Toby and Mona seem like Teddy Bear threats.

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