The Mindy Project Review: Mindiana Jones

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The Mindy Project opened this week with Brendan and Mindy struggling to connect in bed, generating laughs with an assortment of props.

From there, though, "Harry & Sally" delivered a great episode full of highbrow humor. The witty one-liners we have come to love took a back seat to some very original and funny conversations between Mindy and her talented cast mates. 

Mindy's on screen chemistry with B.J. Novak's Jamie was such a departure from the brand of awkward humor the two played out on The Office. While on their date, Mindy wondered aloud about how amazing Prince Harry's theoretical Instagram account would be, as noted in this week's best Mindy Project quotes.

That conversation and the one about abdominal-obsessed magazines were very clever. Mindy was well within her right to walk out on Jamie as he chatted away with Lucy at the table, but her decision to answer Brendan's booty call was regrettable. 

Mindy Becomes Uneasy

I hoped the refugee run in at the theater was the end of Mindy's midwife crisis. I also was hoping Danny's grand gesture would win back Jillian. Instead, what we got was an epically funny fail on his part, complete with a Korn cranking Morgan at his side. Morgan's screen time was limited this week, but he made the most of it, like when he asked Jillian how much for her "sea dog" and "flightless bird." 

The party at Collin's was Danny's undoing, but I loved seeing him go Thornton Melon and make himself a sandwich when the appetizers proved too small. I also enjoyed our introduction to Maggie as she literally rolled up on Jeremy and cornered him by the fire.

The party was also the scene of a some great exchanges, such as Collin and his significant other describing how lame their nights full of sweatpants and Pawn Stars are. I particularly appreciated Jamie making fun of his job as a Latin teacher, having taken eight years of the "dead language" myself. They successfully picked up the joke again in Jamie's classroom as he conjugated the verb for love moments before Mindiana Jones walked in spouting "Salve."

This great scene was amazingly capped off by Morgan showing up at the last minute dressed as Major Arnold Toht from Raiders of the Lost Ark

Mindy continues to point out the subtle humor that is all around us. She also has a great way of putting very relatable aspects of relationships into words, like how "best friend" is not a person but a tier. 

Mindy won't be Rob Reiner's mother forever, she has too much going for her. I continue to believe Danny is the Harry to her Sally, but I hope he takes his time realizing it because I am thoroughly enjoying the ride we've been on.  

Harry & Sally Review

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The Mindy Project Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Danny: How many best friends from college do you have?
Mindy: Best friend isn't a person Danny it's a tier.

Danny: You're the lady that says she'll have what she's having.
Mindy: I'm Rob Reiner's mother?