Pretty Little Liars Round Table: "Dead to Me"

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Pretty Little Liars delivered a mixed bag this week by delving not only into Spencer's deepening anger, but Emily's psyche through hypnosis and Caleb's past as well.

Join staff writers Leigh Raines, Nick McHatton, Christina Tran and Carissa Pavlica as they dig a little deeper into "Dead to Me" on this week's Pretty Little Liars Round Table.


Emily has finally narrowed down the Ultimate A to a blonde in a red coat. How much longer will the A storyline continue?

Leigh: First of all, I feel like the girl in the red coat was a brunette but maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me. I think the A storyline will continue until the very end. Plus there's still all the bit players on the A team that the liars have yet to figure out.

Nick: Eventually, I think the show will have to deal with the aftermath of A and the story that will bring, but that doesn't sound like something that is in the near future for the show. We still have plenty of story to witness with Toby and Mona.

Christina: Folks, I think we are in for the long haul. There's no way that Emily's latest realization will get us any step closer to figuring out A. They want to keep us guessing for forever!

Carissa: I'd like to think they can make more out of the show than the mystery of A. Whether they want to do it remains to be seen. Bringing Ali back and and continuing the A mystery would be a lot of fun, if anybody is listening!

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What do you think Jason will do with the rumored information about Ali and Wilden?

Leigh: Last we saw Jason he had a suspicious abdominal wound and was chilling with Mona. I think he'll flip on Wilden, but there's always the possibility that Jason already knew or works with Wilden in some way.

Nick: He will use it for leverage. This wouldn't be the first time he's pushed Wilden.

Christina: He's going to show Wilden what's up. I don't really know what that means but sure... why not?!

Carissa: With Emily's mom working at the police station now, we could be in for a big showdown between the two and we'd have the inside on what happened, whereas in the past it would have been hearsay. I'd like to see something happen that would make Spencer regret her thoughtless words.

Is anybody else wishing Mona was killed at the lake two seasons ago? Other Mona thoughts?

Leigh: Mona creeps the hell out of me. If I were Dr. Sullivan and had been kidnapped by her at one point I'd have a restraining order against her. I'm not a fan of Mona and it's not just because she's a villain. There's such a thing as a fun villain, look at The Vampire Diaries!

Nick: Mona is boring right now, and I'm hoping Dr. Sullivan is smart enough to realize the plant is probably bugged.

Christina: I completely agree. She's kind of boring and border lining annoying now.

Carissa: I don't find her remotely interesting. I can't think of anything they could do with her, at this point, that would make her time on screen worthy of lifting the lids off my eyes. I wish she'd just go away. Goading Spencer with the Toby comment was embarrassing. If Toby is into Mona, then that makes him a bigger jerk than being on the A Team.

How much closer to the edge will Spencer go to pushing her friends away before finally pulling them close?

Leigh: Somebody else needs to find out that Toby is on the A team. The question is will Spencer break down and tell them or will one of them stumble across it on their own?

Nick: I agree with Leigh.

Christina: Spencer has spent so much time carelessly pointing her finger at the other girls' that I almost think that she deserves this low blow. However, I say she pulls herself together and in turn pulls the others closer within the next couple of episodes.

Carissa: I agree with Christina on this one. Spencer has been knocked off her high ground and she's finding out what it feels like to hurt like hell. You'd think after everything her family has been through some of it would have crept in, but she needed the personal touch to actually feel pain.

What did you think of the little side mystery with Caleb and his uncle?

Leigh: Kinda pointless. We still haven't even established where Caleb was when he was supposed to be meeting Paige last week. I get that we're supposed to bond and care about the lives of the liars' significant others though.

Nick: I keep wondering if the show is trying to hint, or set up, that his uncle is really his father. But, if that's the case what's the point?

Christina: I'm thinking on the same lines as Nick. I've always liked Caleb, but I'm not sure what the point would be to delve so much into the other characters with only a million other things going on.

Carissa: The only thing I can think of is that Caleb's history will tie back into Rosewood somehow. Why else would they bother bringing the story to light? Especially with the picture of him as a baby. Surely a new mystery at this juncture didn't seem like a good idea just for the hell of it.

Be sure to come back next week when we sit down to discuss "What Becomes of the Broken Hearted."

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