Pretty Little Liars Round Table: "Hot Water"

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This week on Pretty Little Liars, Ashley decided to wipe Wilden off the map, Wren made a pass at Spencer and Melissa was once again exposed as knowing a lot more than she let on.

Get comfy, pull up a virtual chair and join staff writers Leigh Raines, Christina Tran, Teresa Lopez, Nick McHatton, and Carissa Pavlica as they discuss all these topics and more at the "Hot Water" Round Table.


Paige did have something to hide after all. Will it change things between her and Emily?
Leigh: Eh, I don't think Paige's secret was that big of a deal. Obviously if she just called the girl up out of nowhere and asked for info about the costume Shana would've told her to peace. That's why she had the drinks first. As far as lies on this show, it's fairly minor.

Teresa: I don't think it will change things between Emily and Paige, but I think Emily's secrets might.  Plus I think we still have more to learn about Paige's past.

Christina: No, Paige's secret definitely wasn't a big deal. These two have been through way worse. They'll be fine.

Nick: There's still something off about Paige (fits of trashcan-throwing rage!), but this doesn't change anything between them. It plays up Paige's over-protectiveness/jealousy for Emily.

Carissa: I agree with Nick and Teresa. I think there is a bit more to Paige's story that's left to uncover, but whether it's relationship altering remains unseen. As do half of the other secrets in Rosewood!

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Spencer and Wren: is it for real or a manipulation of some sort?
Leigh: I think Wren goes after all vulnerable young girls. Spencer, Hanna, who's next? We know he's always had a thing for Spencer.

Teresa: I just don't think Wren is really genuine in his attraction to any of the girls. It seems like when Hanna was spending all that time at Radley, he was there to distract her. Same thing with Spencer and Toby. But if not, that's creepier than Ezra and Aria since he seems to prefer high school girls.

Christina: Manipulation, for sure. Wren has always been creepy to me. Why is he always trying to get with young girls?! Not everyone can pull an Ezra.

Nick: As much as I would like it to be real just about everything Wren has done is weird or manipulative in some way. Spencer is just trying to give payback to Toby in any outlet she can, and Wren happens to be the first person she found that she can do so with.

Carissa: I've always wondered just what Wren really does. Is he a clinician, a doctor or what? If he's a doctor, he's a lot older than he let's on, and his attraction to the young girls is all kinds of wrong. Regardless, he should a better gauge of professionalism than Ezra due to his training, and even if he doesn't realize it, he's manipulating Spencer by using medical reasons to enter, leave and re-enter her life. Creepy factor for sure.

Ezra is back, with mama in tow and she's out to squash Ezria. What will be the first thing to put a rift between them: a homeless Maggie or the untold Kiss with Wesley?
Leigh: Homeless Maggie. It's what has come up so far and Mrs. Fitzscary even pointed out how Aria would become less important in his life with Maggie and his son now in the picture.

Teresa: I really hope Maggie has to move in with Ezra. It might make Aria see that Ezra has other priorities.

Christina: Ezria really can't catch a break. I say Maggie moves in first then the untold kiss crushes these two even more.

Nick: Fitzscary is just a terrible person. First she hides Ezra's kid then throws the little guy out of his home just so she can try to break up her son's relationship with Aria. She has no qualms about making her own grandchild collateral damage in her quest for domination over her family. So, obviously, homeless Maggie is the first rift.

Carissa: Five for five! What's worse is I think the pressure of Maggie being with Ezra could make the news of the kiss somehow tumble from the lips of Aria herself. Wouldn't that be awful?

What do you think will happen to Ashley, especially with the video evidence? Will it help or hurt, or will the Marin Chicks get it before it gets into the wrong hands?
Leigh: Oh, the Marin chicks are goin' down. They are so screwed right now. Where's the body? How stupid was Ashley? I guess I kinda wanted to run him over too...

Teresa: I think this might end up as another A secret that gets used against Hanna. Let's hope she isn't forced to eat a bunch of cupcakes this time!

Christina: Could you really blame Ashley?! I think A has the video evidence and will once again use it to mess with Hanna.

Nick: I'm sure A has gotten the recording and will use it to manipulate Hanna. Way to screw this up Sydney! I mean, Ashley.

Carissa: I really wanted Ashley to run him down. I admit it. But I wish she had turned to the camera and acted hurt and screamed for help first, and then as she ran for the car...just a little acting. She does it so well, why didn't she turn it on? Everyone knows cop cars have cameras now. Right? I was wondering if they introduced Caleb's dad because Ashley will be spending time in jail and Hanna will need a place to stay...

Melissa is back as an A suspect. Was she the A who steamed Spencer?
Leigh: Melissa has always been suspicious. If she's on the A Team she probably knows that Toby is too. One of them did it for sure.

Teresa: Maybe. Toby and Melissa both had a reason to punish Spencer for kissing Wren.

Christina: I don't think it was Melissa. My bet is on Mona. However, where the heck was she?!?

Nick: If I were Spencer I would be okay with dying in a super luxurious steam shower; however, I doubt the steamer is Melissa.

Carissa: Oh gosh. Listening to you guys I had a horrible thought. What if Melissa and Toby have been carrying on? Ewwww. She would get the info to Toby who would carry out the act on his ex. Stranger things have happened in that little town!

Carissa Pavlica is the managing editor and a staff writer and critic for TV Fanatic. She's a member of the Critic's Choice Association, enjoys mentoring writers, conversing with cats, and passionately discussing the nuances of television and film with anyone who will listen. Follow her on Twitter and email her here at TV Fanatic.

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