Pretty Little Liars Round Table: "Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Inferno"

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Spencer is in pain after the revelation of Toby being involved with the A-Team, but is holding the information back the right thing to do? Who sent the box of Ali's belongings to Emily? Can Paige be trusted?

Join staff Round Table participants Teresa Lopez, Leigh Raines, Christina Tran and Carissa Pavlica below as they ponder these very questions from this week's episode of Pretty Little Liars, "Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Inferno."


Do you think Paige was intending to cheat on Emily or was Caleb just late to the club? What's going on?

Teresa: I don't think Paige was cheating, but I bet the girl she was talking to has so important information for "Operation Take-Down-Mona."

Leigh: Paige has always been a little shady but I mostly trust her now. I think she was just flirting or I'm sure there is some explanation behind it. Where was Caleb? Hmmm. With PLL there's always some excuse. We're just waiting to find out his.

Christina: I actually have some faith in Paige now as this wasn't the case not too long ago. I have no idea why Caleb was running late. Who knows if we'll even find out?

Carissa: You'd think Hanna would have figured this out by now. Things are never what they appear to be in Rosewood. However, if Paige and Caleb had any idea of the Ultimate A's sex, they would have chosen a men's night with all the "she" references bandied about by Mona and Toby for their clandestine planning session. Then A would have stuck out a bit. Caleb was either late, or we'll find out he's in peril. Preferably shirtless and scruffy looking.

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Is Wilden being tossed in as a potential beach hottie to toss us off the trail of someone else, or could he really have had an affair with Ali and gotten her pregnant?

Teresa: I think Wilden definitely knows more about Ali than he's letting on. They may have hooked up, but I don't think Ali was pregnant. It would make sense with her whole blackmail angle, but we all know Ali is really good liar.

Leigh: Wilden is surprisingly making a lot of sense. Remember when Byron heard Melissa on the phone saying "do I have to call 911 just to get your attention?" Now we've connected Wilden to the scene of that night. He's always been weird and been out for the girls, now we could have a reason why.

Christina: Wilden has always been in the right place at the right time with making the girls' lives just a bit more hectic. I think it makes total sense, though, that he could be just another guy involved with Ali.

Carissa: I don't buy it. Every time they want a red herring, poor Wilden gets tossed into the melee again. It's a shame, because Bryce Johnson is an actor that could pull off more than the occasional walk-on.

Why didn't Spencer tell her friends about Toby? As Teresa said in the review, at least for their safety.

Teresa: Spencer needs to have control, and this time she was caught completely off-guard. It's really made her question herself, and I think she needs to regain control of the situation first before she lets anyone else in on the secret. But it's very selfish.

Leigh: Spencer is still trying to make sense of things. That girl is falling apart. I thought the private investigator was a drug dealer at first. She can't make sense of it, let alone tell her friends about it.

Christina: She wasn't ready. I can't wait until she drops the bomb and see how the others react.

Carissa: Pride. Spencer has always judged the others so harshly for the way they've handled the A situation, so certain that she had the right answers. When it came down to her being personally affected to such a great degree, she realized just how much it hurts and how awful it feels to be duped. Nonetheless, those girls have all been there and would have her back. She couldn't be luckier to have friends like them and needs their help.

She also desperately needs to warn them before Toby hurts one of them. Emily came so close to figuring it out with the notebook, but trusted Spencer's judgement in him and ignored what she read. That could put them at risk.

Ezra looked heartbroken when he left. What's your guess on the future of Ezria?

Teresa: I think it's going to be hard times for Ezria fans. Eventually he'll come back all responsible and dad-like. Maybe he'll finally understand how Byron's point of view as a parent. Either way, I'm guessing things will be weird for awhile between Ezra and Aria, but I wouldn't rule out a future for the two.

Leigh: I'm so bored by Ezria, do I even have to answer this? Snooze. Next question.Does A still want the girls to know who killed Ali? Who do Mona and Toby work for? That's probably who sent it.

Christina: Ezria need a time out. Maybe it's for the best because there is already way too much going on.

Carissa: I've never liked them together. He's too old for her, but I really felt for him when he expected her to tell him about his son. Geez. She's a kid. He really is a bit delusional about her maturity. His tears at the car were killer, though. Best acting Ian Harding has done yet.

Who do you think sent Emily the package if not "Nate"s "family?" Would A want her to have those items?

Teresa: I'll bet it's whoever the "Big A" is. I think A likes to play games; that's why A gives them some answers but obscures the more important ones. Oh, wait! That's the writers!

Leigh: Does A still want the girls to know who killed Ali? Who do Mona and Toby work for? That's probably who sent it.

Christina: I'm with Leigh on this one. It's Toby and Mona's puppet master.

Carissa: It makes no sense that the Ultimate A (I have decided that makes sense for the big gun) would want them to have so much information. Are there two people pulling strings? Ali (who keeps showing up at their bedsides, warning them, etc.) and the bad guy who "killed" her for whatever purpose? I'm starting to think there are more people out there than we think.

That's it for this week. Don't forget to watch the upcoming Pretty Little Liars Season 3 episode, come back to TV Fanatic for the review and check out these clips of "Dead to Me" to get prepared!

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