Pretty Little Liars Round Table: "Out of Sight, Out of Mind"

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Pretty Little Liars reviewer Teresa Lopez thought the show went off the deep end this week in "Out of Sight, Out of Mind." Did you agree?

Join her and fellow staffers Christina Tran, Nick McHatton, Leigh Raines and Carissa Pavlica as they ponder the deficiencies of the Rosewood police department, Aria's foray into motherhood and whether or not the Liars' parents could ever be prepared to take on the A-team...


Will Aria climb on board as a mother?
Teresa: I doubt it. She seems really uncomfortable with the level of responsibility involved, which makes sense because she's a teenager.

Christina: I don't think so, and who could blame her? At times, it almost felt like Ezra was babysitting both Malcolm and Aria.

Nick: I think she'll give it a try, but it's going to difficult. I mentioned in the "What Becomes of the Broken Hearted" Round Table that Ezra is going to begin looking at Aria differently now that he's with his little boy, but I didn't expect Aria to look at their relationship differently. So, while Aria might be on board for now, I'm thinking she'll jump in a life boat and head for shore, and I really can't blame her.

Leigh: I think Aria will definitely want to try. She always wants to put the effort in. But she's quickly going to realize that she's nobody's stepmother, she's just a teenager. Babysitting is one thing, being part of that family dynamic is another.

Carissa: I'm with Nick on this one. Watching the Twitter feed, Ezria doesn't seem to have the magical effect it did a year ago. Maybe Wesley has had more of an impact on viewers than we've noticed and the writers are willing to test the waters by breaking up the beloved couple. Aria seems scared, and even A hasn't put her in that position. Having a baby at 17 is one thing, inheriting an older child at that age is otherworldly. I wouldn't blame her for rethinking things at all.

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Who is dead - and did we lose more than one this time?
Teresa: I don't think it's Toby's body, but my money's on Wilden. I think Jason was a little shorter than Toby, but who knows? Maybe it's CeCe.

Christina: I wanted to think it was Toby's, but this is PLL. That would be far too easy. I'm leaning more towards it being Wilden's body.

Nick: I don't want it to be Toby's body, and it wouldn't surprise me if the body Spencer found was Wilden's. The helmet disguising his face is a nice touch, too.

Leigh: For starters, Toby is definitely ALIVE. Wilden is probably at A's new layer recuperating and hanging with Toby. That body was probably someone who Mona PAID (remember that wad of cash?) to replicate Toby's tattoo and play dead. Notice Spencer never had time to pull the helmet off before going after Mona.

Carissa: Toby is alive. Of that I have no doubt. But why do I think Wilden is just too easy? Ridiculously easy? I'd really like Teresa's suggestion that it was CeCe. Now THAT would be a sur

How can Spencer be a Jane Doe after being arrested so many times? Did someone erase her fingerprints? Is she not in Radley for Wren to save her? Multi-faceted Round Table question, but this is confusing.
Teresa: The fact that Spencer went directly to Radley was just over-the-top ridiculous to me. Remind me never to go to Rosewood since they don't really try to identify you before they shuffle you off to a mental institution. I wonder how Mama Hastings will react to the news that her daughter was institutionalized.

Christina: Talk about over-the-top! Truly, anything can happen in Rosewood. Lately, it seems like the A Team's plans are coming together rather smoothly. When are the PLL's going to strike back?!

Nick: I want to believe that Spencer's meltdown is all part of her super awesome plan we don't know about. I hope she's enlisted Emily to do some erasing at the police station, and she's using Wren for information on Mona.

Leigh: Easy. Rosewood PD is moronic. They probably just called her a Jane Doe because she had no ID on her and couldn't speak when she was found.

Carissa: Nick's idea is a super awesome plan....I wonder if the writers thought of it. Because I sure as hell didn't, and I wish I had! That's what I want. It would make the most sense for Wren, the police department and everyone else. Rosewood cannot be run by morons. (But it is, isn't it? Oh no...)

Poor Ashley. Could the parents ever be prepared to deal with the likes of A and her minions?
Teresa: I'll bet the parents would be better suited to deal with A since their first instincts are usually calling your lawyer. But instead Ashley follows the teenagers and continues to give the A-team power over her and her secrets.

Christina: I used to think... if only the parents knew. However, Ashley chose to listen to her teenager daughter! Crazy. BTW, is it safe to say that Ashley has a sixth sense? That's the second (possibly) dead person she's seen.

Nick: I'm with Leigh, Ashley wouldn't go down without a fight. I also think Aria's Mom would be a dirty fighter if she needs to be.

Leigh: If any of the parents could handle it, it would be Ashley Marin. She ran over Wilden! Ashley will go down fighting.

Carissa: None of them have managed to come through yet. Those of you seated at my side have a lot more faith in the adults in Rosewood than I do. The adults seem to be at the top of the A-team manipulation list, and when they get called on it, the crumble. Even Dr. Sullivan, who is supposed to be a people expert, couldn't escape it. How are the Liars supposed to come out alive in the end? Sheesh.

Hot or Not: Workshop dude where Emily thought she was to meet Toby?
Teresa: comparison with some of the other male characters, he was okay.

Christina: Not! Where's Caleb?!

Nick: I was too busy being weirded out by him. I'm still waiting for my Noel Kahn PLL...

Leigh: Option 3, totally creepy! He was paid off too. Where does Mona get all this money? Seriously?

Carissa: Y'all need to pay closer attention. Dude was hot. Who cares if he was creepy if he was hot? Damn.

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