Pretty Little Liars Round Table: "Will the Circle Be Unbroken?"

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It's that time of the week again, Pretty Little Liars Fanatics.

Following "Will the Circle Be Unbroken," staff writers Teresa Lopez, Nick McHatton, Leigh Raines and Carissa Pavlica chat here about Spencer's sanity, the missing body, Wilden's reappearance and the news that Toby's mother was once a Radley resident. Lots of revelations to discuss, so join in!


Wilden wasn't the dead man. Whose body was wearing the helmet?

Teresa: Toby? I feel like if it was Toby, the show would lose the opportunity for a dramatic confrontation between Spencer and Toby. Perhaps it was Toby, but he wasn't really dead. Spencer never checked his face or his pulse, and the police can't find a body.

Nick: It's either Toby or some random guy we might have saw once before.

Leigh:I think it's part of what I said last week. Mona paid somebody to imitate Toby and get a fake version of his tattoo. She had that wad of cash. It's probably just some random person that is entangled with the A-team.

Carissa: I'm getting closer to thinking along the lines of Teresa's answer now. Toby and Mona had it timed, and Toby knew Spencer well enough to believe Mona's distraction would keep her from removing the helmet. They were right. I've shifted to the nobody is dead theory. Thanks, Teresa!

Why was it so important to Wilden to get his car back?

Teresa: I think if he reported it stolen, then his bosses would check the tape and now he was harassing Ashley. Or, even better, maybe he has CeCe's body in the trunk. She hasn't been seen since she told Emily all about the night Ali died.

Nick: That car has been everywhere Wilden's been, and it's recorded every moment of it most likely. Wilden is just as likely to have a guilty past as anyone else on the show, and he wants to keep his past hidden.

Leigh:Who knows what was in that car! Wilden is so shady. For starters he probably wanted that video of Ashley hitting him for insurance against Hanna and the liars.

Carissa: Teresa and Nick are both onto some great trains of thought here. What else might be hiding on his car recording could put Wilden into hot water, and if there IS a dead body floating around (or sunk at the bottom of the lake), and it's in Wilden's trunk, he WOULD be the next dead man!

Spencer was hiding from herself. What did you think of that development?

Teresa: Snore!

Nick: Spencer is always portrayed as the reliable one in the group; the one who is always planning and the one who can help the most, but it's a stressful persona to uphold. Toby actively going against her completely wrecks Spencer, and that kind of a betrayal requires some kind of emotional release and reprieve. I really can't blame her for wanting to be alone and not herself for even a little while. All of that said, I'm still convinced Spencer has a plan she's not letting on about.

Leigh: Spencer is losing her sh*t, no other way to put it. She is so confused about whether or not Toby is dead and how she was betrayed. I think she just wants a break from it. Her mind is definitely spinning. I agree with Nick that she might still have a plan up her sleeve.

Carissa: It proves just how far she's fallen from the strong girl she was only a season ago. That she pictured her friends in the room with her when she made her admission that nobody can count on her made me wonder if her brain needs more of a rest than it's going to get.

Mona thinks she has all the puzzle pieces. What are the odds she's seeing the full picture herself?

Teresa: I don't Mona has all the puzzle pieces, but she certainly seems sure of that fact. Mona has already tried to act as though she was just a puppet in someone else's scheme, and I think that might be closer to reality. No one really knows all the answers (not even the writers, yet).

Nick: Mona lacks context. She might have all of Ali's journals and thoughts, but she doesn't have the friendships nor does she have memories the liars have. Mona may have information on what Ali's past was like before her death, but journals never tell the entire story. Ali parceled out many clues, vague allusions, and half-truths to the girls that probably never made it into the journals.

Leigh: Also agreeing with Nick on this- while Mona has all this evidence, she's still missing the friendships and pieces of the whole puzzle. Mona is still totally crazy, she is still trying to hurt these 4 girls. The odds are that she has some more information that could be useful to the girls, but she's definitely overstating what she thinks she knows.

Carissa: If Spencer is as sane as Mona, like Mona said, then Spencer is in for a rough ride. I don't think Mona has a clue what Ali was all about. She may have a picture on her puzzle box, but it's more of a Picasso than a Rembrandt.

How do you think the news of Toby's mother being in Radley and Eddie knowing them will enrich the overall story?

Teresa: I think Toby's mother being in Radley will really speak to his motivation to get back at Ali and the girls. There has to be some connection between his mother's institutionalization and how dedicated he is punishing the liars.

Nick: It offers a connection between Mona and Toby that's been missing, and it can offer hints or reasons why Toby decided to play on the A-Team.

Leigh: Yes, I thought this was definitely an interesting development. Maybe Toby and Mona are more kindred spirits than we know. It couldn't help that the girls were always calling Mona crazy. I can't help but think back to Toby saving Spencer's life when he knew she was in Mona's car and bringing back Dr. Sullivan. It still makes me wonder if he's all bad. Did he know because of his mom how close Mona was to really going off the deep end? I need more Toby answers!

Carissa: I'm wondering if there might be a generational story coming up. Something that plays to the parents doing his mother wrong and his mother ending up in Radley. It would be a great motivation to get back at the liars, and to team up with Mona, who was put into the same position (although she got herself in there all on her own).

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