The Mindy Project Review: Hot For Preacher

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When I first read that Anders Holm was slated to guest star on The Mindy Project, I gave thanks to the TV gods for bringing together two such talented comedic actors.

Sadly, Mindy and Pastor Casey failed to generate any convincing chemistry on "My Cool Christian Boyfriend."

Their timing just seemed to be off in that first date scene, with jokes about the Winklevoss twins and infectious disease walking tours falling flat. I thought we were in store for some redemption when Moby began spinning at the church service, but Casey's entrance was certainly lacking power of The Lord's Force.

If you're going to be edgy, give us some sort of energy. Maybe a smoke machine or a couple strobe lights. His sermon was a quality opportunity to surprise not just Mindy but the viewers as well. I would not have testified or given the tiniest of "Amens" to that "I hate God" allegory. 

Mindy Attends Church

With the night's guest star failing to shine, it was up to the series regulars to resurrect the episode. Danny, I have to confess, continues to be my favorite character on the show. The scene tonight with Mindy where he talked about fasting during Ramadan and wandering into Bris ceremonies only served to reinforce my opinion. We also got our weekly dose of flirtation between him and Mindy when he was teasing her about her hair and age. He has a great ability to look and sound totally charming while at the same time insulting someone. 

Morgan is anything but charming, but he is always good for a laugh or three. Loved his focus and intensity while trying to prepare the others for what they were going to experience on their volunteer trip. Prison life is probably the one thing I would give Morgan credit for being an authority on. I would love to see some flashback scenes in future episodes of what he was like during his time behind bars. 

The return of Rishi (Utkarsh Ambudkar) was a nice surprise. So glad he decided to spend spring Break on Mindy's couch. I liked the way he stuck up for his sister when Casey spotted them having dinner and no shame in the Groupon grub grab game. 

Holm still has three appearances to come on the show, so I am going to have faith that Mindy Kaling and her team of writers can work some creative miracles and have this fan saying "Hallelujah" once again. 

My Cool Christian Boyfriend Review

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a women's prison you guys? Come on, if I wanted to get shanked, I'd just shave my legs drunk again.


I once fasted for a month during Ramadan just to be more Catholic. You know, I wander into Bris's and come out more Catholic.