Once Upon a Time Round Table: "Second Star to the Right"

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Baelfire took a turn at the "Second Star to the Right" this week, Once Upon a Time took another favorite fairy tale in a bit of a dark direction.

Below, our Once Upon a Time Round Table team of Nick McHatton, Christine Orlando and Gareth from Once Upon a Fan ponder Neal's fate and whether or not Storybrooke is about to get blown off the map. Gather around now, Fanatics!


What was your favorite scene from the episode?

Gareth: I loved all the flashback scenes. A lot of the puzzle pieces are starting to fit into place. It was also great to see Dylan Schmid back as Baelfire and I am looking forward to seeing how the storyline plays out between him and Hook. The Shadow/Peter Pan creature was very creepy as well.

Nick: I love Peter Pan, so seeing Wendy and Peter Pan (looking suspiciously like a heartless from Kingdom Hearts) in all their Once Upon A Time glory was awesome.

Christine: I loved it when Neal finally admitted to Emma that, "There hasn't been a day that's gone by that I don't regret having left you." It's about time these two had this conversation.

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Did Neal survive and where do you think he ended up?

Gareth: I think he has gone back to the one place he was trying to get away from, The Enchanted Forest. I don't think we have seen the last of Neal that's for sure. If Emma is anything like her mom and dad, they will find one another!

Nick: Neal survived, and I think he was sent back to Neverland.

Christine: He'd better be alive! I'm hoping it's the Enchanted Forest and the Emma and Henry end up there too. I'd love to see the three of them reunite and Neal get to show his son around.

Was Regina telling the truth? Was that really Owen's father in that shallow grave?

Gareth: It seems a rather lame resolution to that story thread. However Regina was super evil back then so she may have just got rid of him.

Nick: You never know with Regina, but I'm assuming she's telling the truth on this one. If she was hiding Owen's father somewhere she would have used that information to manipulate him.

Christine: I'm with Gareth on this one. After weeks of build up, this resolution was a let down. I'm hoping Regina knew there was someone's body there and is just messing with Owen.

Describe Emma's love life in 3 words (or 4, or 5…).

Gareth: A Car Crash!

Nick: A hot, magical mess.

Christine: The True Curse.

Who will take the news about Neal worse, Henry or Mr. Gold?

Gareth: Gold. I am expecting a powerhouse performance from Mr Carlyle in the final episode. I really wouldn't want to be in Tamara's shoes if Gold gets hold of her! 

Nick: Their reactions are probably connected, but Mr. Gold will probably take it worse. Henry was surprisingly strong when he learned that Emma and Mary Margaret were sent to Fairytale Land, and I think he'll do the same with Neal.

Christine: Unfortunately, Henry's gotten used to losing the people he loves. On the other hand, Mr Gold will be on the war path with all of his dark magic to make Tamara pay dearly.  If she thinks she hates magic now, she has no idea what's headed her way.

Make your predictions: Will Storybrooke be blown off the map and if so, where will everyone end up?

Gareth: I think they will escape to the Enchanted Forest. I don't think they will destroy Storybrooke but I do think something will happen that forces everyone to get out quickly. What happened to those left behind may be the central mystery next season. It could lead to a Lost style "We Have To Go Back" situation. Maybe some residents of Storybrooke will be left behind or captured by the Home Office.

Nick: I think parts of it will be blown off the map, but Storybrooke is integral to the show. I doubt it is going to be completely gone.

Christine: I can't believe we'd completely lose the town the show started from but I do think we'll see something catastrophic enough to send its residents fleeing, both into the real world and back to the Enchanted Forest.

C. Orlando is a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. Follow her on Twitter.

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