Franklin & Bash Review: Change Is Coming

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After a couple of lackluster episodes, Franklin & Bash was finally back on its game with "Shoot to Thrill."

Before this episode, I would have been hard-pressed to say what could make Mark Paul Gosselaar look anything other than hot... but apparently a bean bag to the head could do the job. I never expected that pretty face could turn into something grotesque enough to make me cringe. 

Antics Gone Wrong

Despite the hideous disfigurement, it was great to see both of the boys love lives come back into play. 

Jared and Swatello have a funny sort of chemistry. There's a definite attraction there and something more that's so unique it's difficult to put a name to it. It will be interesting to see how this relationship changes if she ends up working at the same firm. I'm hoping the change takes place and gives Jared the opportunity to take more of the lead in this match, at least from time to time.

Peter and Charlie's relationship was still undefinable. Two weeks ago it appeared they were at least going to agree to a long distance romance. But if that was the case, why were Peter and Jared double dating with a couple of 20-somethings?

That his 22-year old date thought the welts on Peter's face were hot told me all I needed to know about her. 

So did Peter and Charlie leave things open ended? And what exactly is her relationship with Rob Lowe?

Back at the firm, casual Damien was unexpected perk, as was the kiss he planted on Rachel. Neither she nor I saw that one coming. Damien was have a crisis of faith after he accidentally killed the judge and he tried to explain it in this Franklin & Bash quote

Damien: I've played by the rules my whole life and what has it gotten me?
Rachel: A six figure salary and a partnership at a major law firm. | permalink

Yeah, life's not really all that bad for Damien but seeing him loosen up a bit was fun. Even though it looks as though he may get that judgeship after all, I hope we get to see that fun side from time to time. 

A few side notes:

  • Loved all of the Diehard references and the comparison of Damien to Hans Gruber. 
  • Who wants to take the Habanero salsa challenge?
  • Peter hiding behind the tree and Jared screaming like a girl during the bounty hunter take down was very funny. I guess there's a reason why these boys are lawyers and not cops.
  • Did Rachel enjoy the kiss from Damien a little more than she led on?

Infeld told Pindar that change was coming and he told Swatello that a partner may be leaving the firm in the near future. All of that sounds quite ominous. With the season finale looming, what's your guess on the fate of Franklin & Bash?


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