NCIS Round Table: "Double Back"

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The hunt for Parsa continued last week on NCIS Season 11 Episode 13, an installment that picked up in the aftermath of the bombing that left Deliliah in peril.

"Double Back" centered around the terrorist's accomplice. How did our Round Table panel of Doug Wolfe, Christine Orlando and Steve Marsi feel about it?

Gather around below and find out in TV Fanatic's Q&A discussion!


1. How would you sum up the episode, in one sentence or word?

Doug: Pain and Guilt.

Christine: A New Reality.

Steve: Moving Things.

NCIS RT - depreciated -

2. What was your favorite moment from the episode?

Doug: The scene where Bishop and the doctor had their conversation about Ziva and Cate struck me as important. They both seemed to agree that she'll need to grow into her position, and Dr. Cranston gave her some sage advice: that she could best to so by sitting near Tony, Gibbs and McGee. I like that. As well as providing some team continuity, it provided Bishop with some focus.

Christine: Doug, you took my favorite so I'm going to go with Tony offering McGee a casserole. I thought it was a little awkward but very sweet. I only wish he had gone to McGee's place and actually delivered it. That's a something I would have loved to see play out.

Steve: Gibbs finally getting the suspect to crack. For whatever reason I was on pins and needles the whole time and am loving this Parsa arc.

3. What didn't work for you?

Doug: NCIS often makes you forget that you're watching a TV story. The characters are real, and you often feel like you're right there with them. I stepped out of the story completely when Abby found those two bolts and realized they weren't from that model of vehicle. Having worked in a car factory at one time, I have an idea of the number of bolts and various parts that go into a car. The notion that she could process all of those parts, and know what they looked like, and what their dimensions were just made the scene unbelievable.

Christine: Honestly, I found myself wishing it had been Tony sitting with McGee at the end rather than Gibbs. We all know Gibbs is a bit of a father figure to his team but having Tony there would have shown more of his growth this season and strengthened the bond between he and McGee.

Steve: Until Christine said that, I hadn't thought about it, but I totally agree. Also, sometimes I think the show forces a bit of Bishop dialogue - will she fit in, how she compares to her predecessors, etc. - even though I like her.

4. What did you think of Tony and Bishop's rapid-fire brainstorming?

Doug: I liked it. It represents another tool in their collective arsenal, and it shows that Bishop is going to fit in just fine with them. The team operates on the basis of a common sharing of their individual strengths. In the case of the brainstorming, they now know they can ping ideas off of each other and advance their investigation.

Christine: I like it. It's fun and it keeps Tony on his toes. I'm really enjoying the dynamic between these two sort of off beat partners.

Steve: Despite my previous response, this was a fun scene and I love seeing the interplay between the new girl and the seasoned veterans.

5. Tony could have offered Tim a home-cooked steak dinner. Or he could have just said "whatever you need from me, you've got it." Instead he offered him a casserole. What are your thoughts on that choice?

Doug: Tony's attempt to comfort McGee via casserole was touching and sweet. It was personal, and the giving of it meant that Tim could enjoy it in peace whenever he wanted. There was no social obligation involved, and yet - it marked their friendship. Tony blamed his support group for his sensitivity, but I think we all know that came from the core of who he is. Anyway, it was a beautiful gesture, from a true friend.

Christine: It's comfort food and easy to drop off and reheat if need be. It's just what people do in times of crisis and I loved how out of character something like that was for Tony, but in a good way. I also like how he openly talks about his men's health group. It's an entirely new side to DiNozzo and I'm enjoying it.

Steve: The casserole shows that he really thought this through, in ways that other gestures (while equally sincere) might not have.

6. Tony and Sofia Martinez: match made in heaven or disaster?

Doug: I think they should try dating, just to see what happens. I'm certain they would get on each other's nerves - they both said they find each other annoying. This proves the adage that the thing you most dislike about others is usually a part of your own character, something you yourself do. That said, they have some things in common, like a love of movies. They'd be fun to watch.

Christine: Possible disaster. Despite their love of movies I really wasn't feeling the chemistry between them, at least not yet.

Steve: Tony brought a lot to an episode where he wasn't really the focal point. I enjoyed this give-and-take and would love to see them go out on at least one date. Imagine the one-liners that would follow ...

7. Tim seems to have started coming to terms with Delilah's injury. Is he okay?

Doug: No. He's not nearly okay, although he is on the upswing. He could use some of Dr. Cranston's counseling: there's a lot of suppressed rage and probably some guilt there still, and he probably feels like a fish out of water with Delilah. He needs to be strong for her, because she's about to go through the greatest struggle in her life: learning how to live life as a paraplegic. I'm looking forward to seeing what the writers have in store for them.

Christine: No. I think it's a long road back to OK for both him and Delilah and it's going to take time and work to get there.

Steve: He's definitely not okay. But he has showed us a lot, especially after the previous week when he couldn't even bring himself to attend the event.

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