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A little Lassiter, a sold house, and a crazy food truck adventure we won't soon forget! All of these things made Psych Season 8 Episode 7 one to remember.

Shawn and Gus went undercover to solve the murder of their favorite food truck vendor, but by the end of the episode, Henry and Shawn were delivering Carlowe's new addition in the back of the truck!

Shawn faced the fact that Henry decided to sell the house, but will he really be able to let go of his childhood home, especially now that the Lassiter clan will be occupying it? What will Henry do now?

All of the magic is yours to relive when you watch Psych online!

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Psych Season 8 Episode 7 Quotes

He’s got the last of the secret taco sauce in there!


We broke the first rule----we got high on our own supply.