Supernatural Picture Preview: Sheriff Mills Returns!

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When you have a nasty vampire problem and Buffy isn't around, who are you gonna call? Sam and Dean Winchester, of course!

That's exactly what old friend Sheriff Mills does in Supernatural Season 9 Episode 19 when she discovers a girl has been kidnapped and used as bait for a local group of blood suckers.

When she tries to rescue the poor girl, family ties make the task too much for one and she calls in the experts. 

From the photos, it looks like Sam is going to lose a little blood in the process. You can never be too careful around vampires. At least they're draining him the neat and clean way, with a hose, instead of going for the jugular.

Flip through the photos and if you need to feed before then, you can watch Supernatural online right here at TV Fanatic.

And here's your first video look at "Alex Annie Alexis Ann."

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Supernatural Season 9 Episode 19 Quotes

The guy still has nightmares about the barn episode of The Walking Dead.


Sam: Nice work back there. "Look at me, Bitch!"?
Dean: Well, hey, you got another snappy one-liner, I'm all ears.