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Jody Mills needed some help fighting vampires on Supernatural Season 9 Episode 19.

Thank goodness Sam and Dean were ready to aid her in taking down the nest of monsters, and thank goodness the Supernatural Round Table is back to discuss it all.

Join panelists Carissa Pavlica, Sean McKenna and Alice of The Winchester Family Business as they break down all the latest action, fangs and brotherly love.

Supernatural Round Table 1-27-15

What was your favorite scene from this episode?

Carissa: Watching Dean overpower the vamp. The steely determination in his eyes and his uber strength had to come from the Mark of Cain, right? I mean, he's a hunter so he knows how to take advantage of situations, but this was a situation of hand-to-hand combat. Ordinarily I'd expect the vamp to win. Dean looked very hot being all strong and murderously focused.

Alice: I’d have to go with the whole scene of Sam getting bled dry duct taped to a chair while Dean played unconscious victim on the floor.  There’s just something about a brother in peril that gets the heart going, even though you know the other one is going to come through.  Dean was a total scary badass when he popped up off the floor, but what got me was what he told Sam when freeing him from the chair. “Yeah, I know, you wouldn’t do the same for me.”  Ouch!  Still smarting a bit there Dean?

Sean: I wouldn’t say there was one in particular, but the scene with Dean and the one vampire was intense. Just the way those two were going at it, and then to have Dean with the blade up against the vampire. What a scene. Even when Dean told him to look him in the eye, right before that slice? Don’t mess with the Winchesters.

Were you expecting the Mark of Cain to play a part during the vampire hunt?

Carissa: I think it will be a part of everything Dean does going forward until it's gone. See answer above for my explanation. It's a part of him, just like all of his hunter training. It just is. Even Sam noticed something different than the regular hunt and, although he didn't mention it, he had to be chalking it up to the Mark.

Alice: Yes, only because it’s episode 19 and it should be doing something.  The fact that the whole MOC has served little purpose since Dean got the thing has been disappointing.  I was stunned, thrilled, shocked, and totally freaked out over Dean not only enjoying the vampires, but him holding off decapitating the one brother until he looked at him in the eye!  That’s stone cold and should have earned more than a quick throw away line of concern at the end by Sam.

Sean: I feel like this late in the game, I’d be expecting it to be way more upfront with everything Dean does. I guess you could argue that maybe it did affect Dean when killing the vampires, but it was nowhere near as intense when he used it to kill the ex-Men of Letters. I’m really hoping to see it ramp up pretty soon.

Did you think Jody Mills might not survive the episode?

Carissa: No. I think the killing spree is over. They went through so many characters in a fairly short period of time, essentially gutting history. There are so few left to revisit that taking out someone as beloved as Jody Mills would just be suicidal. If they want to keep a story line that reaches into the past and beyond the angels, some folks have to keep breathing.

Alice: Of course.  No one is safe, we learned that when they offed Bobby (I still haven’t forgiven them for that).  I think these rich characters are introduced solely so they can be killed.  Heck, they even brought back Sarah from season one in S8 just to kill her.  So while I was thrilled Jody actually survived the ep, she’s marked.  By the end of the series, she’ll be having a nice dip in the death pool with the rest of them.

Sean: I was totally prepared for her to be killed by the end, as it feels like past characters keep returning to meet an unfortunate demise. But I loved that she was able to contribute to the hunt, and do more than just be moving scenery. But I still worry that anyone still alive means it’s only a matter of time…

Is there a type of monster Sam and Dean have faced in the past that you want to see them take on again?

Carissa: Now that I've seen the Willdigo on Hannibal, I think the Winchesters should be called in to help track down the Chesapeake Ripper. Nobody is taking Will Graham's opinion in the matter, and he's morphing into a Hannibalesque figure himself. Bring in Sam and Dean and they'll sort out those freaks in no time. Hannibal shannibal

Alice: We haven’t had a wendigo since the second episode of the series.  I remember how reminiscent Sam was back in season five to go back to the days when they just hunted wendigos. That would be cool. The boys could load up the car, talk about the old days, go to the woods in high spirits and have a good old fashioned high action monster hunt (visualizes with a smile). I smell a fan fiction coming.

Sean: Remember that episode in Supernatural Season 1 with the bugs? Yeah, I don’t want to see that one again. But I love the concept of a wendigo, especially because it was one of the first hunts we as viewers got to see. I can’t pin down a specific monster, but I would love a really creepy ghost episode again. There were some pretty frightening ones back in the early seasons, and it would be great to bring something like that back at some point.

Sean McKenna was a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. He retired in May of 2017. Follow him on Twitter.

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