Rookie Blue: Watch Season 5 Episode 1 Online

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After being shot, Sam Swarek fought for his life in Rookie Blue Season 5 Episode 1. As the rest of 15 Division waited for word on Sam's condition, Nick tracked down his next of kin, estranged sister Sarah.

Andy and Dov got caught up in a hostage situation at a diner which ended with one of the assailants being killed. Dov ran back to the hospital when Chloe went into cardiac arrest. After surviving the incident, she told Dov that she chooses him and that she was a different person with Wes who is jealous and possessive.

Gail has a breakdown after the shooting and cuts off all of her hair while Dex tells Traci he's filing for full custody after she forgets to pick up Leo in the middle of the chaos. 

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