The League Season 6 Episode 4: Full Episode Live!

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Last week on The League, Andre got punished by everyone else, while Jenny chose her team based entirely on height (the installment was titled “The Height Supremacist, after all) and Ellie invited Darren Sproles to a dance.

Yes, THAT Darren Sproles.

Also, Pete needed the help of TacoCorp.

So, how did the FX comedy follow up on that awesome nonsense via The League Season 6 Episode 4?

Simple: this installment told the beautiful story of Randall and Rafael's meeting in a mental institution, along with how it forever changed their lives. Don't tell us you aren't intrigued!

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The League Season 6 Episode 4 Quotes

PAM: Now Raphael, before electroshock treatment I usually call family members and let them know this is about to happen. But yours are all dead.
RAFI: Call my sister?
PAM: Now listen, if I start smiling, or laughing, while it's happening, it's because I'm enjoying breaking you down. [after zapping them] It did make me laugh! It did make me laugh.

That wasn’t mouth-to-mouth. That was true love’s kiss.