Franklin & Bash Season 4 Episode 9 Review: Spirits in the Material World

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I wanted to like Franklin & Bash Season 4 Episode 9. I really did. It sounded like the perfect case for Peter and Jared involving a haunted house and real estate fraud but it never actually delivered on its premise. 

Peter was terrified of ghosts while Jared was intrigued and Dan was simply weird. The Parkers claimed that they'd had multiple strange occurrences in the old home they'd hoped to renovate into a working hotel. The walls being painted strange colors while all the doors were locked. Strange noises and odd smells that eventually drove even their contractors away.

Unfortunately, we never got answers to any of these things.

When Dan and Jared entered the house and quickly ran out, there was a black figure that appeared to be watching them. The same one was later shown on the video at the end. Was it all meant as a Halloween prank? Simply there to creep out the audience? And if so, why not show this episode next week or the week after, much closer to Halloween?

It should have been an episode filled with creepy intrigue and fun but with so many unanswered questions I ended up being disappointed. When Irina showed up at the end to tell the story of a young girl dying in the hotel after an accident, it packed no punch at all. I loved the actress and her haunted demeanor but the story just didn't fill the void.

Kudos for having Ernie Hudson as the judge. He played Winston Zeddmore in Ghostbusters the movie. He's been on this show before but having him back for this episode was a nice touch. 

Bonnie's return was also a nice surprise. I enjoyed the chemistry between her and Jared and had hoped to see her again but as much as I enjoyed her, I have to agree with Peter. Bonnie isn't enough of a challenge for Jared. I think he'll grow bored with her rather quickly and hopefully find his way back to Swatello. 

Damien and Anita continued to bond as he escorted her to her moot court reunion. Once again, it was a cute concept but Anita and Cheryl's constant bickering soon became tiresome and Cheryl's turnaround where she suddenly forfeited moot court was hard to swallow. 

Overall, I was excited for this episode of Franklin & Bash but it just didn't deliver. 

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Spirits in the Material World Review

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