How to Get Away with Murder Season 1 Episode 6 Review: Freakin' Whack-a-Mole

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Well, How to Get Away with Murder Season 1 Episode 6 gave me something I never knew I needed: More Asher!

You probably thought I was going to say shirtless Wes and while that was a welcome sight, letting Asher do more this week I thought helped this episode a lot. Even though he can be crude and pompous, Asher, or more correctly the actor that plays him, has a charisma that draws you to him.

With so many characters, it's easy for people to get lost in the shuffle and so far Asher really has been a background player. This week he was front and center and the episode was that much better for it.

The How to Get Away with Murder Team

David Allen was the defendant this week, a man sentenced to death for killing his girlfriend twenty years ago. Annalise believed in his innocence and she was granted an appeal from the supreme court, giving the team 72 hours to get their case together. 

The team went out to talk to some of the players from the first trial and Michaela found out that there may have been a witness that perjured themselves. And when the former ADA got wind of this, he brought it to the attention of the judge who did nothing about it. 

And who was the judge on that case? That would be William Millstone, also known as Asher's father. 

You won't be the first person in the world disappointed by your father.

Annalise [to Asher]

This was a tough pill for Asher to swallow, but he confronted his father right away. 

Asher has mainly been used as comic relief and while he may have had some of his funniest moments tonight, the scene with his father really shows that Matt McGorry is no one trick pony. The disappointment was etched across his face as he realized his father wasn't the pinnacle of truth and justice he always portrayed himself to be.

I really felt for him in that moment. And I never thought I would ever feel sorry for Asher. 

Armed with the information that his father played a role in a wrongful conviction, Asher took pertinent information to Annalise, but demanded that they spare his father and hand him the trophy. Well played.

Asher's information lead them to a senator who owned various properties and was looking to get rid of the poor people in the area and raise the rent. David's girlfriend was leading the charge against him and the team figured he was the one who sought out a witness to lie for him. 

They find the witness and Annalise ripped her on the stand, but that just proved to be a warm up for her epic takedown of the senator. Viola Davis is just incredible. Is there anything she can't do? 

David was set free because all Annalise does is win, win, win. But it was a well fought victory.

While the case this week was one of the stronger ones for me, all the other moving parts of the episode were equally as intriguing. 

For starters, what was happening in that scene with Annalise and Wes in his apartment? Was I the only one getting a flirty vibe from Annalise? 

Their bathroom encounter in How To Get Away With Murder Season 1 Episode 1 was way more awkward than this one, but the way Annalise sat on his bed, touched the markings on his wall and asked if he loved Rebecca just all screamed INAPPROPRIATE!

Wes held his own though and showed some real backbone. You could tell that even Annalise was impressed with the puppy dog fighting back against his owner. 

Wes: I think she's as innocent as your husband.
Annalise: You really need to stop thinking that me protecting Rebecca and my husband are mutually exclusive. The idea that I don't have her best interest at heart is only in your head.
Wes: So, prove it. Find her and get her back here. Whatever it takes. Or I swear to God I'll tell the police everything.

I strongly believe Annalise here and I do think she is looking to keep Rebecca safe. And she's looking to keep Sam safe as well.

But does she believe him? And does that even matter at this point? I have a feeling it does. 

After Wes's threat, Annalise had Frank track Rebecca down. And we found out later she also had Frank delete the numbers on Lila's phone and plant the phone in Griffin's car. 

Alright, I want to know people's Frank theories. We know he's not a lawyer. Was he a former client of Annalise's, maybe?

I thought maybe he was a former criminal Annalise defended and then took under her wing. But if that's the case than he is a terrible criminal because he planted that phone in Griffin's car in broad daylight. And hot Nate caught him. 

What will hot Nate do with that information? We'll have to wait another week. 

The flash forwards were Asher-centric and we saw what he was up to the night of Sam's murder. Naturally Asher was going to the bonfire all decked out and looking to creep on the ladies, but when he saw the trophy was missing he went to Annalise's house to find it. 

We knew from past flash forwards that he never went inside, but we didn't know that on their way to the convenience store they almost ran him over. And we most certainly didn't know that Asher and Bonnie were sleeping with each other!

Okay, who are you Bonnie? For awhile it seemed pretty obvious she was smitten with Sam and possibly soulless, but tonight she was protecting Frank and getting down and dirty with Asher. I can't figure her out and I'm curious what other people think. 

The episode ended with Annalise calling Bonnie and asking if she's with Sam. She then told her she think's something terrible happened to him. But how does she know that? The missing rug? 

It's all coming together folks and we've only got two more episodes until we find out who killed Sam. I'm still getting my theory together and I know you guys are waiting with bated breath to hear it. More importantly though, what are your theories? Who is Frank? Who is Bonnie? What will hot Nate do? 

With the mid season finale approaching quickly, remember to watch How to Get Away with Murder online so you're all caught up!

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Freakin' Whack-a-Mole Review

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