Scorpion Season 1 Episode 3 Review: A Cyclone

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Anyone want to cool off with a Rubik's Cube solving competition? No? Yeah, me neither.

The team has to go on a Homeland Security training mission in Scorpion Season 1 Episode 3, and shock of shocks, it does not go well. The highlight is Happy getting violent with an agent. What did he expect when he put his hands on her?

This was an unexpected requirement of Scorpion being formed. The thought of any of them in the field is a little terrifying. Nothing about this team screams combat ready. Still, it is great to see what Homeland Security expects of them. They aren't operating without rules. There are consequences to what they do.

This episode makes it clear that Scorpion is not regarded as some brilliant idea that is being well discussed at the office. It would have been easy for the writers to make them the golden boys of the agency or even to not even focus on the Homeland Security connection at all. Instead, they are adding more complications into the mix. Who doesn't love more drama?

I want some blood off my ledger.

Agent Gabe Callo

Another great twist is that Agent Callo is also struggling at Homeland. He is using Scorpion as his saving grace, much like Walter and the rest of the team are. The writers are doing a great job at making Agent Callo more likable. He isn't as callous as he comes off in the pilot. Like Walter, the fact that he was partially responsible for a bunch of people dying bothers him.

Our prayers have been answered! Well, at least mine have. There is a lot more of Happy in this episode! She isn't just typing on a computer in the background. She is using her mechanical genius to solve problems.

Happy is a nice counterpart to all the technology that is happening. Why? Because she has to create new ways of doing something that don't involve hitting a few keystrokes. Yes, I know computers aren't as simple as that, but you get my point. Happy uses a water bottle as a magnifier. She creates a long range listening device from things she finds on teh street nearby. It is great to see Happy have a chance to shine.

I never know what this job will bring, but it is always exciting.


Thankfully, the writers are aware that Paige doesn't have an obvious spot in Scorpion. Even the characters are confused by her presence too. It's a nice touch to see Toby, Happy, and Sylvester try to figure out Paige's place. She doesn't fit in, and she doesn't have an clear skill that she brings to the table.

What's even better is by the end of the episode, they are still confused as to why she is there. They like her more and are glad she is around, but it isn't like they all have a light bulb moment regarding Paige's purpose. It isn't a quick fix. This episode does not solidify Paige's spot on the team, and Homeland Security isn't raving about Scorpion. This will take time. The writers aren't rushing into anything.

The case itself is interesting. It's definitely better than last week's case. Even though there is a time crunch, the writers don't dwell on it. They are more subtle. There are moments where the news is on and that reminds viewers of the dangerous consequences of not having any internet.

I figured we would have gone rogue hours ago.


The best part is definitely the rogue element. It's fun seeing the team off on their own doing some stuff away from a computer screen. It made everything much more exciting. Sylvester fires a gun. This stuff just doesn't happen normally.

What's annoying is that the new federal agent who pops up is also the bad guy. It just felt weird that it ended in a giant conspiracy involving the guy from the federal agency that most people have never heard of. I thought I was well versed in my alphabet agencies, but FSG was not on my list. At least the writers did a good job explaining what FSG does.

One small thing that bothered me is the slight time jump after the multiple bombs go off. After the commercial break, everyone is gathered around a table looking at photos. It just took a second to figure out what was going on. There was not much of a transition.

You're a cop if you believe you're a cop.


Well, what did you think of tonight's episode? Is the show getting better in your opinion? Leave me your thoughts in a comment below. Did anyone else know a group of scorpions is a cyclone? Random. Discover more amazing things when you watch Scorpion online via TV Fanatic!

A Cyclone Review

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Scorpion Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Pump your brakes before you say something brilliant.

Agent Gabe Callo

I never know what this job will bring, but it is always exciting.