The Millers Season 2 Episode 1 Review: Movin' Out

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Carol is finally moving out of Nathan's home on The Millers Season 2 Episode 1 and he couldn't be happier, provided her new home isn't too close to his place.

The first place she looks at seems quite nice. It's fully furnished and it gets my vote. But Nathan cautions her that it costs too much. She agrees and they walk next door into Nathan's apartment.

Yikes! That was a close one. Carol is a loving Mom, but she's a handful, and I wouldn't want her to be my neighbor either.

Carol and Nathan head over to his sister's home. Debbie asks how the house-hunting is going, and Nathan tells her about the apartment next door. 

Debbie: Across the hall. How close were you to burning down the building?
Nathan: I had the matches in my pocket.

Nathan conveniently made a list of possible places for his Mom. Debbie reviews the list and discovers they are all near her. She protests that she already has to deal with Dad. Nathan argues that their Dad is a piece of cake.

I did my time. I ain't going back to Shawshank.


Apparently Tom has been having overnight lady guests, and his current conquest is from the nearby retirement home, Shrugging Pines, which Nathan and Carol soon visit.

Now we get to meet new series regular, Sean Hayes, who plays Kip, the admissions director at Shrugging Pines. Sean is definitely a great comedic actor, but a little Sean goes a long ways, so I was a bit curious to see if he would add or detract from the show. Thus far, I would say he adds.

Of course, Kip and Carol hit it off, but Shrugging Pines is full with a long waiting list. Carol points out that she may have gone to the top of the list if Nathan had flirted with Kip.

So he tries to flirt, poorly, on a return visit. And just when it seems like all hope is lost, Kip says that his ex-boyfriend, Leon, had a huge crush on Nathan. Grabbing at any chance to get rid of Carol, Nathan agrees to pretend to date Kip to make Leon jealous.

Carol: How did it go?
Nathan: We're dating.
Carol: Are you being facetious? If not, I owe your Dad 20 bucks.

Leon isn't convinced by Kip and Nathan's ruse, so Nathan commits (as Ray suggests) by giving Kip a big kiss. Unfortunately, Kip doesn't play along.

Straight lips. Straight lips. Straight lips.


Leon accuses Kip of being a monster and a sociopath. He goes to find their dog, Pugsly and leave. Carol counsels Kip to fight back against the guy who broke up with him via text. 

He never let you have closure. What kind of a man breaks up a marriage over a text-a-gram?

Carol's Mama Bear antics sometimes (okay, frequently) cross the line into overbearing and shrill, but I liked her having Kip's back. Breaking up via text is a douche move!

Kip told Leon off in Pig Latin, which unfortunately I am not fluent in, but I'm sure it was hilarious. In the end, Nathan's efforts pay off and Carol moves out, although not into Shrugging Pines as planned. Nope. She and Kip are now roomies and Nathan's neighbors.

He leaves their apartment and pulls out his pack of matches. Lights one, pauses for a moment, then blows it out. Mom is gone -- but not far -- and now she has a rascally roommate too. 

The Millers was a bit uneven last year. Sometimes they confused shrill with funny, but this was a good start to a new season. Hopefully, they took the summer to work out some kinks because they do have a talented and funny cast. What did you think? Is Sean Hayes a welcome improvement? Why or why not?

Movin' Out (Carol's Song) Review

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