How to Get Away with Murder Season 1 Episode 8 Review: He Has a Wife

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We are finally to the night of the bonfire, guys! We made it!

In one short week, we will find out who killed Sam Keating. And How to Get Away with Murder Season 1 Episode 8 gave us a plethora of suspects to choose from. 

But before we get into the murder, let's briefly touch on the case of the week, which told the story of a truly terrible husband. Not unlike Annalise's other half. I see what you did there, show. 

Gretchen Thomas was a housewife accused of killing the maid, while sleepwalking. Heavy stuff. There was even a video of the woman cleaning the body. 

Annalise's whole case was based on Gretchen not having a motive, but when she refused to get on the stand, she had to put her loved ones up there instead. On the stand it was revealed that her son and the maid were having an affair. 

I kind of saw that coming, considering how pissy the son was being towards his mother. What I did not see coming was the reveal that the father was also sleeping with the maid. And it all came out because father and son were both dealing with the same STD.

Between the STD and Lila's pregnancy, tonight's episode was definitely trying to tell us something. And Annalise summed it up perfectly to Sam. 

You should have worn a condom.

Annalise [to Sam]

Yes, ma'am. 

Anyway, back to the case. It turned out the husband killed the maid, got his wife liquored up before she took her sleeping pills, then made her think she was a murderer. People are so gross.

The case was wrapped up rather quickly and the only implications from it were Michaela providing the information that helped seal the win for Annalise, thus giving her reason to request the trophy from Annalise. And eventually steal it from Asher. 

But let's back up for a second and delve a little into the life of Lila Stangard, who we spent considerable time with tonight. We met her six months back, when she was basking in the glow of secretly dating a married man. 

I met a new guy. Mr. Darcy.


But over the course of a few months, we saw her deteriorate. She went from smitten kitten, to sex-a-holic, to crying her eyes out when Sam decided to end it. When we last saw her with Rebecca, it was obvious she knew she was pregnant, right?

And you know who else knew she was pregnant? Sam. 

He admitted it to Bonnie, who also had an admission of her own. 

I met Lila the night she was killed.

Bonnie [to Sam]

The whole Sam/Bonnie porch scene was so creepy. And I think we can all agree Sam is THE WORST, but that scene really set that in stone. The affirmations and the stroking of her face were so transparent. I was hoping she would slap him when he kissed her.

But I think we've been looking at Bonnie all wrong because she really wasn't falling for Sam's routine. She went to Annalise immediately and told her everything. EVERYTHING.

I can not figure out their relationship. The only thing I can think of is that Bonnie owes Annalise big time and that's why she's so loyal to her. But that loyalty doesn't extend both ways, as Bonnie found herself fired by episode's end. 

Alright, let's get to the night of the bonfire and put all the pieces in place bullet point style. 

  • Michaela stole the trophy from Asher
  • Hot Nate tasked Rebecca with downloading information off Sam's computer
  • Wes, Connor and Laurel met up for their study group
  • Annalise asked the DA to collect DNA samples from all the men in Lila's life, including her teachers

Okay, so we know Michaela has the trophy. And my guess is she goes to Annalise's next. Why? I'm not entirely sure but she has to end up there eventually so let's say she heads there straight from Asher's.

Meanwhile, Wes and company leave his apartment to stop Rebecca from getting the information off Sam's computer. 

And while in route, Sam and Annalise have another vicious fight about him being THE WORST. And that's when both Michaela and Rebecca show up. 

They see Annalise in distress and then...MICHAELA HITS SAM OVER THE HEAD WITH THE TROPHY, KILLING HIM. 

That's right, I think little Miss Perfect is the murderer. I'm thinking whatever way she hits him splatters the blood onto Rebecca and not herself. 

Now, why do the kids help cover it up? I'm thinking Annalise will have something to do with that. Perhaps, perfect final grades?

Other interesting things we learned tonight (let's once again break it down into bullet points like this is a power point presentation):

  • Frank has a hot girlfriend.
  • Lila's pregnancy turned out to be the worst kept secret in the history of secrets.
  • Michaela's future mother-in-law is going to cancel that wedding if she doesn't sign that pre-nup (and she is a feisty woman).

That last point I may have touched on earlier but it's worth repeating. 

Okay folks, I've told you my theory. I think it was Mrs. Peacock  Michaela, in the house, with the trophy. There are probably so many holes that can be poked into this theory because the plain and simple truth is, I have no idea who did it. 

I wouldn't be surprised if it turns out to be Wes, Annalise or even Rebecca. 

Now I desperately want to know who you guys think the killer is. Please leave a comment with your final theory, as we only have a few short days before all will be revealed. And tell me all your thoughts about this week's episode! Not enough hot Nate, right?

Remember to watch How to Get Away with Murder online right now, so you can come up with your own theory as to who killed Sam!

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He Has a Wife Review

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