Revenge Round Table: Who Will Die?

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We know that someone will die next Sunday on Revenge Season 4 Episode 10, but before that happens, we have to take a look at the moments that got us there.

Join Paul Dailly, Christine Orlando, and Miranda Wicker from TV Fanatic, along with Laura Lynn from Revenge Agenda as we discuss all the information gained during "Intel." Then join us below in the comments!

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What was your favorite quote or scene from Revenge Season 4 Episode 9?

Paul: Daniel and Emily at the bar. I loved Daniel telling her that they are both the same. It was probably the most meaningful thing he has ever said!

Laura: I liked it when Nolan stood up to Emily and Daddy Clarke. Telling DC he owed him a reputation was great! I want a friend like Nolan!

Christine: I liked Emily and Daniel at the bar. I love how well these two know one another and can call one another out. Even when it's adversarial, they are always interesting to watch. 

Miranda: I loved Daniel going back to Margaux and telling her he was fighting for her. I really, really want Daniel to be one of the good guys, and I'm not sure why that is. I like it when he stands up for something good.

Do you trust Nolan's judgment regarding Louise?

Paul: Not at all. I'm losing trust in Nolan. Fast. He is becoming quite annoying. I hated the way he spoke to Emily.

Laura: Not sure? Nolan has a big heart and it shows. Hopefully it won't come back to haunt him for not digging further into Louise’s past. I even felt bad for her. She looked like a sad puppy!

Christine: I agree with Laura that Nolan's big heart can blind him. No doubt Louise is crazy but she did look truly hurt and even crazy people need friends.  Heck, Emily's crazy in her own way. I just hope now that Louise feels betrayed by Nolan she doesn't try to hurt him next. 

Miranda: As my Mama always said, "I trust her about as far as I can throw her" which isn't very far. I have a feeling this decision is going to hurt Nolan in the end.

Agent Taylor is a double agent! Shocked or saw it coming?

Paul: Very shocked. It was an excellent twist. I wonder why she is hitting on Jack. He will be crushed when she drops him.

Laura: I did not see that coming! She is crooked and now she is sleeping with Jack? I am more surprised at Jack's actions towards her!! Really Jack?? 

Christine: Hey, Jack's lonely. Give him a break. But no, I didn't see that one coming.  Poor Jack. He seems to consistently fall for women who lie to him. 

Miranda: Usually I'm pretty good at figuring things like this out, but I didn't see this one. I expected the police chief would be crooked, or even that Ben was in on it somehow and that that's why he was looking into Conrad's death so thoroughly. That the body was hanging from an overhead pipe totally threw me off the scent of it being her.

How do you feel about Margaux's reveal that she's pregnant?

Paul: To be honest, it came out of nowhere. It will probably reignite Emily's feud with Daniel. It will cut her up that she can't have kids, yet the man who made her that way has impregnated someone else.

Laura: Have we learned nothing from invisible baby Carl? Babies in the Hamptons don't work! Hopefully its short lived. No more babies! We don't even see the one they have!

Christine: I was kind of hoping that Emily and Daniel would somehow find their way back together but I'll admit that's a long shot. I normally love babies but I'm not sure how I feel about this one. However, I am curious to see how this plays out. I'd be really surprised if this pregnancy turns into a real baby. I'm thinking Louise may make another attempt on Margaux before we're done which could end this storyline permanently. 

Miranda: Me too, Christine! Maybe what will happen is that Margaux will have the baby, then die, and then Emily and Daniel will reunite. Or what you said about Margaux and Louise since Louise is certifiable. 

Who will die during next week's mid-season finale?

Paul: David. It's the only logical character to kill off at this stage. His return was heavily hyped, but I feel like he has jusg schemed far too much and not spent any time making amends. He has to go.

Laura: I am leaning towards Daniel because the writers are making him likable and he seems to be making amends with Margaux and even Emily, along with standing up to Mommy dearest. It seems it would make a impact especially if Margaux is pregnant! Just keep Nolan alive.

Christine: Oh no, not Daniel! My guess is Margaux. I think the baby is the nail in her proverbial coffin and her death along with that of his baby will either drive Daniel to be a better man or drive him over to the dark side. In the end, as long as It's not Nolan, I'll keep watching.

Miranda: My money's also on David. Then Emily and Victoria will work together to avenge his death. Or they'll both continue to destroy each other while avenging his death in different ways. Maybe.

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And here's your first look at Revenge Season 4 Episode 10, "Atonement."

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Revenge Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

Margaux: You're just like your father and mine. You do what you please and ask for forgiveness later. I need a man who doesn't make rash decisions.
Daniel: Really? Because you had that with Jack Porter and you needed more.

Louise: Are you sure you're not from the South? Because you take care of your friends like family.
Nolan: Well, my friends are my family.