The 19 Best Dramas on Television in 2014

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What's the best drama of 2014?

Keep in mind is "the best" is relative and subjective. We're TV Fanatic and we love television. As such, our views and opinions are varied. Some of us love critical darlings and others love shows for the sheer enjoyment provided by viewing.

NOTE: The gallery is not listed in order of preference. Let there be no wondering what we chose as our favorite, because each entry showcases the person who added it to the list.

So hold onto your hats, Fanatics, because we have 19 dramas that run the course from political to gang related, from fantasy to comic book heroes to straight up horror. We love it all and it's all right here.

Flip through the slideshow and have your say on the best drama in the poll and/or in the comments.

What is the best drama on television in 2014?

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