Family Guy Season 13 Episode 9 Review: This Little Piggy

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There was a body count on Family Guy Season 13 Episode 9 thanks to Stewie and Brian, but somehow Meg's confrontation with Peter and Lois served as a bigger payoff. 

Good for you, Meg. 

At long last, Meg got some sort of validation from her parents. The main takeaway from tonight's episode seems to be that too much degradation can lead one to porn -- even if it's just foot fetishes. I think seeing their daughter driven to such great lengths in order to be celebrated and appreciated was a wake up call. Maybe more so for Lois than Peter, but they both felt remorseful nonetheless. 

You shouldn't have to do porn to feel appreciated.


When Meg first brought it up, Peter couldn't even conceal his disbelief for a moment. In fact, he goes as far as to take inspiration from Van Gogh and sever his ears.

Lois, please send these back to the factory, I believe they're defective.


Lois joined in the fun as well, which only drove Meg further into the arms of Evan -- the slick-talking photographer who was able to convince her she was superstar, an overnight foot-fetish sensation.

One of the funniest moments was actually when he tried to twist her words around and repackage the opportunity of being a foot model so that Meg would agree to continue. It's porn, he says, it's "erotica:"

I know Meg, that's why I'm going to confuse you by calling it 'Erotica.'


Stewie's graduation through the many tiers of his preschool (now onto purple) got to him and he recruited Brian to help him live out his wildest dreams. Being who they are, they wound up on drugs at a music festival, about to have a threesome with a chick who liked to "bleed from her nose."

Of course she overdosed on them, and their little outing ended with them having an impromptu funeral for the girl. 

Wait, hold on Brian, everyone deserves a proper funeral. Why do you think we're saving that VCR box in the basement?


Stewie and Brian had a couple of great scenes, including the former singing on the bus along with the Choir, and the latter telling girls they meet that "Stewie has aids."

Although Lois and Peter finally apologized and gave Meg some confidence and self-esteem, Peter low-key also revealed the true sex of his "daughter." Oh that's right, according father of the year, Peter, he could remember Meg being born "like it was just yesterday:"

Peter: It feels like just yesterday, she was born!
Doctor: You want to cut the cord?
Peter: Yeah, sure!
Doctoer: Okay that wasn't the cord, and now you've got a girl.

So Meg was initially a guy, huh? Makes sense.

There were a handful of great scenes from tonight's episode, but a few stagnant and dull ones as well. The ones that hit the least always seem to drag on the longest.

However, you can still check out Family Guy quotes for the best skits. You can also watch Family Guy online for any moments you may have missed the first time around.

Feel free to comment on your favorite scenes down below, or touch on any funny moments I may have missed!

This Little Piggy Review

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Family Guy Season 13 Episode 9 Quotes

Lois, please send these back to the factory, I believe they're defective.


I've never even been in a picture before.