Arrow Season 3 Episode 15 Preview: Malcolm's Darkest Day

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The official CW synopsis of Arrow Season 3 Episode 15 makes it sound as if Malcolm is captured by Ra's al Ghul and Oliver attempts to save him out of love for Thea.

I no longer put much faith into those descriptions, as I consider them a bait and switch. Given what we know of Thea as of late, there's no love lost thanks to what her birth father did to her. Learning she killed Sara was the last straw in an already flailing relationship.

From the photos and the clip, it looks like Thea turns Malcom in to the man he fears most in this world.

If you get a close look at the fear on Malcolm's face, he tossed his daughter under the bus for no reason other than to save his own hide. There was no noble gesture behind it out of love for her. His face says it all.

Nonetheless, Oliver and Diggle are there. Will they fight for him? Should they? Malcolm is heard in the promo below saying, "You spent years preparing to bring a bow and arrow to a sword fight."

The idea was to train under Malcolm to fight Ra's al Ghul. That time has past. All Oliver learned was Malcolm was even more treacherous than he thought. He sent him and Thea to Lian Yu and set Slade free, hoping to make them killers. What will happen next? Will Ra's forgive Thea the sin her father put upon her? We'll find out if any of it was worth the pain.

While all this is going on, Felicity will be trying to stop Ray from stepping into shoes similar to Oliver's as he puts on the ATOM exosuit. Maybe, just maybe that should have been left for a different hour. 

Arrow Season 3 Episode 15, "Nanda Parbat," airs Wednesday, Feb. 25 at 8/7c on The CW. Be here shortly after for a full review, and watch Arrow online if you're in need of a refresher.

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Arrow Season 3 Episode 15 Quotes

I'm not so consumed with vengeance that I blame Thea for Sara's death. I blame Malcolm Merlyn.


Malcolm: John?
Diggle: My friends call me Dig. You? Shouldn't even talk to me.