Matt Ryan Teases Constantine Finale, Potential Season 2 & More

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Well, Constantine Season 1 comes to a close tonight, and though the show's future hangs in the balance, star Matt Ryan remains optimistic about a potential season two.

I had a chance to chat with the petty dabbler of the dark arts, himself, about his favorite episodes, supernatural experiences on set, the rumored move to Syfy and lots more.

Don't miss tonight's Constantine Season 1 Episode 13, it's a particularly creepy installment with an ending you're not going to want to miss.

Constantine Reunites with Jim Corrigan Season 1 Episode 13

TV Fanatic: Let me start by saying you're phenomenal as Constantine and congratulations on a great first season.

Matt Ryan: Aw thank you buddy.

TVF: Where did the show really hit its stride for you? Was there a particular episode?

MR: I think that the episode with Gary Lester, for me, in terms of playing the character that was when something clicked in you know? Where I really felt like I was starting to get a handle on him and get underneath his skin. So for me, that was an episode where I felt a bit of a turning point and a shifting point.

I think from that episode we've gone from strength to strength, and then The Saint of Last Resorts Part 1 and Part 2 are two episodes which I feel where we really kind of came out of the park swinging, so to speak. The show really found its feet and its flavor. So yeah, I would say those two different things, in terms of maybe what the fans thought, but for me it was definitely the Gary Lester episode.   

TVF: Unfortunately, the season was capped off at 13 episodes. Was there a Hellblazer story arc or a moment – a Newcastle flashback for example – you wish fans had a chance to see this season?

MR: I think that a Newcastle flashback was definitely on the cards, and that's something that if we get to season two we'll definitely explore. I think the plan was to bring in characters from the Newcastle event in the present day, and then go back with them all together. I think that was the direction we were going. If we, hopefully, get to season two then we'll definitely get to explore that.  

TVF: Would we also have a chance to see some of the characters teased this season: The Spectre, Doctor Fate, folks like that? Do you think that would come into play in a potential season two?

MR: I mean what's great man is the endless possibilities in terms of where we can go with it. And all those Easter eggs that we've been giving throughout the season, I think that there's so much we could do with the show. We get to see Emmett Scanlan playing Jim Corrigan again in the season finale. And what's great about it is we see him psychologically taking a step towards being The Spectre. Also, we see a development in John and Jim's relationship which is a really interesting kind of thing for the season finale.  

TVF: John's relationships with Chas, Zed, Manny, Anne Marie and Jim Corrigan are all so different. Did you have a favorite to play?

MR: Do you know what? The great thing about them all being different is you never get bored. Do you know what I mean? For Manny (for Harold), until the last episode where he interacts with Zed, I'm the only one he interacts with. So I'd like to know whether Harold [Perrineau] ever got bored just playing with me. But for John, playing John, what's great is the different dynamics you get with the different characters.

And then the Newcastle characters that have come in like Gary Lester and Anne Marie. All those different relationships are slightly different variations and different sides of John, so you just never get bored with them. As soon as you think you need a change, then another character's there. So I don't have a favorite, I think I have a favorite for each time I'm playing with them you know? They're all different at different times, so keeps you on your toes.     

TVF: I was curious if shooting in those mausoleums and creepy places lead to any weird or supernatural experiences?

MR: The biggest one, that kind of freaked me out man, was when we were doing The Saint of Last Resorts. We were shooting in that big old mausoleum, and one of the PA's came up to me and said look at this and showed me a picture of a Constantine gravestone. And I was like yeah the set dec's did that right? And they were like no it's actually in the freaking graveyard and I was like you're kidding me.

So we went out in the middle of the night with our torches on our iPhones and it was really really spooky. We went up to this grave and I took some pictures next to it like they were in the comics as well. For me, all night I was just like that's real? I mean, that's kind of freaky right? And it was actually in a really similar font to what we use in the show as well. That was kind of the freakiest thing I think.  

TVF: After researching and your experience on this show, do you have more of an appreciation for the occult? Exorcisms, voodoo, spells that kind of thing?

MR: Yeah, definitely. Of course, I've been reading lots of magic books and reading the comics as well. There was this one time when I was in my apartment, I was living on the ninth floor, and there was all these tiny little lady bugs – I think you call them lady bugs in America – but they were stuck to the windows. I think we were shooting the Gary Lester episode, and all of my windows – and I had bay windows – were just covered in these little bugs and I think they must have been attracted to the cold because we had air conditioning on in the unit.

But it was just freaky, we're doing this thing about locusts and next minute there's all these bugs stuck to the window. I think that just playing it and researching all these things, you do kind of become more aware of the stuff that we don't see. I think it does open your mind to it slightly yeah. You have to when you're playing that stuff right?

TVF: Not to knock NBC or anything, 'cause every week they shocked me with the gruesome material they got away with on network TV, but how do you feel about the rumor that Syfy might pick up the show for season 2? Will the writers be able to push the limits even more and get closer to the comics if it moves to Syfy?

MR: First of all, I found out that news when all you guys found out about that news. I don't really know what's going on with that, but I can only hope that we do get a chance to explore this world further. I think the potential for the show is huge, so hopefully we get a chance to do that.

I'm not really that familiar with the Syfy network in terms of their policies or anything like that. I think that our aim is, Daniel and David's aim from the beginning is to try and make this show as close to the comics as possible. Starting out from the door, we were finding our feet and I think that if we continue on NBC or wherever that's something that we're all aiming to do anyway whichever network we're on.

TVF: The season finale is dark and disturbing, but in no way a resolution. What can you tease about the final installment and potential season two?  

MR: What you do get is a bit of a revelation in terms of the Rising Darkness. Jim Corrigan takes a step forward to becoming The Spectre and his relationship with John develops. It kind of rounds things off, but also keeps us wanting more for a second season.

Constantine Season 1 Episode 13 is titled "Waiting for the Man" and airs tonight at 8/7c.

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Constantine Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

John: The girls were taken by a Satanist.
Zed: Why? What does he want them for?
John: A full moon symbolizes rebirth, but the blood moon most likely sacrifices to usher in the new cycle.

Amberly: Are you lonely?
Vesta: I snuck out of the house. Me and my momma was arguing again. How come ya'll are out so late.
Caroline: He lets us do whatever we want.
Vesta: Who does?
Waynetta: The man.
Amberly: We're married to him; all of us.