The Blacklist Season 2 Episode 13 Review: The Deer Hunter

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The hunters became the hunted on The Blacklist Season 2 Episode 13.

The serial killer copying The Deer Hunter wasn’t just killing men and taking a bite out of them, she was tracking down stalkers. And she was talking to her pets… because that isn’t crazy.

But it wouldn’t be a case of the week without Liz getting herself captured. Again. I guess at this point we should just assume it’s an FBI requirement while working a case.

At least Red was able to scold her for going after the killer on her own without backup. Somebody needs to let her know what’s up!

I did think it was an interesting spin that the hunt for the Deer Hunter turned out to be a hunt for the copy cat instead.

Granted, Red and the reporter seemed to have a far better handle on the case at hand, but it was good to see the task force come together to try and figure it all out. It is a positive to see them putting together the pieces rather than just being spoon-fed by the all-knowing Red.

And the Deer Hunter 2.0 was creepy, I’ll give her that. Just her mannerisms and stares with whatever she was doing gave off an unsettling vibe.

I was surprised that her husband was the real Deer Hunter, but can you imagine if Liz and the team had to track down 2 hunters working together?

The hour did try and throw in some “Liz could go darkside” moments, but I have such a hard time buying her as this super hardened character. She’s evolved from the rookie agent of The Blacklist Season 1, sure, and she’s certainly been more aggressive and forward.

However, I couldn’t see her killing the character, although some flashback parallels with Tom tried to imply a possible otherwise.

Really, I was just glad Ressler told her not to turn herself in as she was feeling bad about the harbor master death. Their team does do a good job in taking out Blacklisters, and the elimination of their task force would let those super villains get to do whatever they want.

Of course, Red managed to work his magic and get the only witness to that murder to recant. He’s so good at coming in a just the right time, isn’t he? Plus, he didn’t even need to kill anyone to do it. That was a nice change of pace.

Yet, I was disappointed we got what felt like a lot less Red this hour.

He did initiate a great running gag with Aram messing with his hair after Red said he used to have a mane like his, which did eventually get Samar to call Aram sexy. Such a fun moment between the two.

Red also tried to speak with the voice on the other end of the telephone, but that got waylaid, and he only really had a brief convo with Liz about the Fulcrum.

So often does The Blacklist know how to ramp everything up in the last five or 10 minutes to have you coming back for more. Of course, it helps when Red is there to also deliver some smooth talking dialogue.

This was a fair case of the week that could have used a lot more Red scenes and a lot less of Liz getting captured. It certainly seems that she’s in the clear about the murder case (how convenient), but I’m really interested to see where the story involving the Fulcrum goes.

And does anyone really think that once Red gets the Fulcrum he’ll have no use for Liz? I doubt that very much.

What did you think of the Deer Hunter case? Will Liz give Red the fulcrum? Sound off below. And be sure to watch The Blacklist online right here at TV Fanatic!

The Deer Hunter Review

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