The Mindy Project Season 3 Episode 15 Review: Dinner At The Castellanos

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How do you tell someone life-altering news?

For Mindy Lahiri, it was denial and then avoidance when choosing to tell Danny their big baby news on The Mindy Project Season 3 Episode 15.

What started as an episode of how Mindy should tell Danny, it quickly turned into an incredibly awkward family reunion.

To be honest, I forgot about Danny's dad and sister, let alone that he and Danny were on good terms. Which is okay, since it led to plenty of hilarious moments for Mindy and, more importantly, Danny's mom, Annette. 

With most of the episode focused on the dinner at Mama Castellano's, there was the briefest of moments (and I mean that in the most literal of terms) spent at Schulman and Associates. The inclusion of the scene seemed to only show that Morgan was in the episode and not just Danny and Mindy.

Mindy: This isn't one of thos guilt dinners where you guilt everyone is it?
Annette: No. Guilt dinners are only for you and they may need to stop because its getting expensive.

Morgan's moment of the episode was funny, but it felt odd that the scene was stuck in there if only to have Morgan comment on Danny being abandoned by his dad.

Shockingly enough, the now-Texas resident, Peter, had more importance in the episode. Just a week after leaving and dropping the pregnancy bomb on Mindy in The Mindy Project Season 3 Episode 14, he reappeared via phone call with worthwhile family advice for Mindy. 

Family doesn't wait to be invited. It's like HPV, it just shows up and never leaves.


Now the Castellano dinner was full of some great moments, but no one got more laughs than Annette as she tried to prove to her ex that her life so great. She had new hair, the new boyfriend, and the best friend who dished out the dirt to her ex for Annette. 

The familial chemistry between Mindy Kaling and Rhea Perlman continues to get better. While at the beginning of the episode Annette continued to criticize Mindy about just about everything by the end Annette was coming to her defense, even chastising her beloved Danny. 

Mindy: That's right 'cause in this family you gotsa do your chores.
Annette: Stop saying stupid stuff and come help

The surprise reaction was the very Catholic Annette showing her absolute excitement about her out-of-wedlock grandchild, even Mindy looked shocked by the reaction but, hey, she's going to be a grandmother. 

Even before Mindy got some approval from Annette, it was entertaining to watch her try and win it. The sucking up was glorious and enjoyable to watch everything from killing eels to doing chores, something very un-Mindy like.

Of course, it had to end at some point to teach Danny's sister a lesson. Little Danny should have known Mindy Lahiri is not someone you mess with.

Oh My God. You do NOT slap a slapper.


By the time Annette eventually spilled the beans to Danny about the pregnancy, it was a run to find and apologize to Mindy. It was another adorable moment that was reminiscent of Danny running to the Empire State Building in The Mindy Project Season 2 Episode 22. But, this time it was about a completely different moment in the Danny and Mindy relationship. 

Now that Danny is clued in on the news, it is going to be interesting to see how the couple handles this. But, I have no doubt that it will be entertaining to watch the story unfold.

Did you enjoy the family reunion dinner? Do you wish there was more of the Schulman and Associate characters? What are you hoping for in the pregnancy storyline?

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Dinner At The Castellanos Review

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The Mindy Project Season 3 Episode 15 Quotes

Mindy: This isn't one of thos guilt dinners where you guilt everyone is it?
Annette: No. Guilt dinners are only for you and they may need to stop because its getting expensive.

Your dad, huh? So this is who we have to thank for a lifetime of grouchy-ness.