Battle Creek Season 1 Episode 2 Review: Syruptitious

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The world of drugs in Battle Creek, Michigan, is a lot different than one would expect.

There were two cases revolving around cartels of sorts, and neither of them were the hard stuff. We're talking high grade medical marijuana and 100% pure, sugary maple syrup.

On Battle Creek Season 1 Episode 2, although Russ wants to skirt around working any cases with Milt, Font used his impending migraine to leave Russ in the capable hands of Milt regardless. That's also what sparked the look into the medical mary jane and the cutthroat world of maple syrup.

The Syrup Cartel - Battle Creek

It's difficult to argue with Russ about his assessment about Milt. There is something off with the guy. The way he stares into his iPad as a way to keep tabs on what's happening in the office behind him, acting as if he doesn't care when he clearly does is odd, yes. And, like Russ, I don't want to trust him until we know why he's in Battle Creek, either.

Even though he tried to lay Russ' trust issues at Russ's feet, the way he looks up after seeing something in that wicked little iPad says there is more hiding behind his eyes than he's willing to share. 

In the meantime, the dead body they found in the woods drowned in syrup wasn't part of a big cover-up, but the way the judge immediately tipped off the leader of the syrup cartel shows they mean business with their sugary treats. 

The scene when they were tapping the trees and going all Breaking Bad on the sweet stuff was really well done, and I especially loved when they accosted the restaurant owner over his vacant tables. The way Russ sucked menacingly on his teeth and tossed his head back while they tried to tempt him into taking them up on their offer and the owner dipped his rolled crepe into the vial to test the goods was hilarious.

Unfortunately, it was pretty obvious who the killer was. Niblet laid it out there when they first found the guy – the spouse always does it, right? Followed by her numerous attempts to win over Holly, it became even more glaringly obvious that she did it. 

What I did like about it was how Holly realized her mistake and went directly to the suspended Russ and suggested he trust Milt. Milt, in turn, hired Russ for a dollar because he doesn't have to listen to the Commander's decisions. Those two are going to find their common ground and it will come with trust, of the earned variety.

Milt had to learn what it meant to disregard the whole truth and nothing but the truth in return for justice, as the Commander liked the happy ending offered up by the killer's father. 

Commander: We've got a dad who wants to go to prison to protect his daughter. I say we let him. I like that ending better.
Milt: Well, so she doesn't care about the truth?
Russ: She cares deeply about the truth, but she cares even more about justice.

Through it all, Font was investigating his medical pot dealer, who stiffed him with some fake stuff. The way the snitch figured, if he just gave one out of every five or so people a fake bag, he could be raking in the dough. In the end, they really had nothing to get him on, but with Milt at his side, they could arrest him for showing a private movie in a public location thanks to that pesky FBI warning on the disk. Yes, that was cute.

All in all, I enjoyed Battle Creek Season 1 Episode 1 more than the follow up, but they're still finding their footing. Here, we got to know some more of the supporting characters, and once they're all fleshed out, I expect they'll all fit together seamlessly. What are your thoughts so far? What did you think of Josh Duhamel in the baby blue sweater and glasses? 

If you missed the pilot, but want to see what it's all about, you can watch Battle Creek online. There is some really witty writing and a lot of potential for interesting stories and non-traditional relationships. Check it out (as well as the Battle Creek quotes to see a bit more about the writing style)!

Syruptitious Review

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Battle Creek Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Look at that. Milt gets original art and we get counterfeit water.


Milt: Why you smilin'?
Russ: Am I? I'm just wondering if this is the first time you've ever been turned down for something.
Milt: You do realize my failing to get that warrant affects you, too.
Russ: Oh, no. I'm upset about it. But I'm a complex person, capable of many emotions.