Battle Creek Season 1 Episode 3 Review: Man's Best Friend

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Well, Russ, that had to sting.

In Battle Creek Season 1 Episode 3, despite his best efforts to find evidence to the contrary, Russ discovered Milt isn't a bad guy. 

That's not a surprise given what we've seen so far. There wasn't even an iPad incident this week. Little by little, Milt is becoming the man about town, being invited to staff barbecues, while Russ gets shoved further into the background. Perhaps we can blame his paranoia.

Sniffing It Out - Battle Creek

The case of the week wasn't all that interesting. It didn't lend itself to any fun undercover scenes with Milt and Russ buddying up in spite of themselves. Given the title, I thought maybe they were going to be doing something more substantial with dogs. Nope. 

It was another lesson from Milt to Russ to trust people and the underlying message is obviously that Russ is supposed to trust Milt. At least I think that's what they're driving at. Russ does not trust Milt and what he learned from his former boss didn't help the issue.

Sure, Milt didn't sleep with the guy's wife, but Milt's considerable charm seems to win everyone over and Russ is already worried about Holly. Why Russ hasn't opened up to Holly and shared his feelings about her with the lady herself is unknown, but if he spent less time worrying about her falling into Milt's clutches and doing that, it could ward him off. Just sayin'.

We come back to the question of why the FBI sent Milt to Battle Creek. Maybe there isn't even supposed to be a mystery about it, but it doesn't seem as if this is just a show about a dude who happened to end up in Battle Creek, either.

Am I wrong about that? Do those of you watching think it's just a procedural with a few funny lines here and there about a small town cop with big aspirations and acerbic wit?

Those moments were fewer in this installment, as well. While it does grow somewhat tiresome to have Russ envious of Milt, he's at his best when being caustic and short with Milt. Milt's overall boy-next-door demeanor stands up well to Russ' constant picking. I wouldn't want them to ever truly be friends, but perhaps willing adversaries.

I'd like to know when the Commander is going to take note of Holly's ability to solve more crimes than any of the extraneous members of the force. While Font and Funkhauser are around a lot, what have they actually done? For two weeks in a row, Holly has been essential in cracking the case.

If nothing else, Holly should be a lab tech or something. She's merely a department secretary at the moment, isn't she (I say merely having spent years as a secretary, err, admin)? She's clearly far more capable than the role demands. Sure, she kind of gave away evidence prematurely in Battle Creek Season 1 Episode 2 which lead to her eureka moment, but she all but solved the case this week without such a mishap first.

What's on your minds this week? Will Russ get any closer to the truth about why Milt is in town in Battle Creek Season 1 Episode 4? You'll have to watch "Heirlooms" to find out, but I can guarantee he'll still be digging! Hit me up in the comments, share your thoughts.

If you've missed any of the series so far, watch Battle Creek online because wit it the word!

Man's Best Friend Review

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Battle Creek Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Milt: Look, I'm not even certain we should be focusing on the parents.
Russ: Perhaps we should be focusing on the education system, society at large.

Joey: You think I'm dealin' heroin?
Milt: I think a kilo is a bit much to keep on hand if you're just using.