The Following Season 3 Episode 2 Review: Boxed In

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The FBI has suffered it's first casualty of the season in The Following Season 3 Episode 2.

Agent Jeff Clark, we hardly knew ye. But, thanks to a handful of flashbacks, we got to experience Ryan's relationship with him.

His death was certainly sad, but not too shocking thanks to the aforementioned flashbacks (those are always a clue that someone is going to bite it), but holy crap what an awful way to go! For Daisy to tell Mark she was afraid of that guy Neil, I assumed he'd be bad, but I never could have imagined just how sadistic he'd actually turn out to be.

Who didn't feel a shudder when he explained his plan to use the picking needle to paralyze him while he's conscious and then dislocate his joints and fold his body limb by limb on top of itself? It's hard to blame the guy for recording the confession, though it didn't do him any good.

Kyle and Daisy have mentioned they have their own agenda that they're hiding from Mark, but what is it? They're not dumb. They know Mark will kill them if he finds out, so whatever it is, it must be worth the risk.

Ryan: He's delusional. He can't cope with the fact that his own killing spree led to the death of his family.
Mike: Can't believe anything that psycho says anyway.

Hmm, methinks thou doth protest too much. I think their boss might agree. Is this secret going to come between them later? Mike claims his conscience is clear, but Max doesn't appear to feel the same way. This is all going to blow up in their faces eventually.

I was surprised to find out that Ryan's new girlfriend, Gwen, was Jeff's ER doctor. That's a pretty adorable meet-cute. I'm glad Ryan is not allowing himself to fall back on old habits and push her away. I also REALLY hope she doesn't end up dead because of it.

It was also really sweet to see Ryan open up to her about his brother. I'm sure he'll be dwelling on that conversation with Agent Clark about letting the job get in the way of his marriage. Ryan may need to take some time and prioritize his life.

Mark's plan to bring Andrew's truck to the garage backfired pretty badly. I actually thought at first he planned for them to track down the truck and find the garage as a way to lure them there, but that was obviously not the case. He escaped, but lost a minion in the process.

We had our first Joe Carroll connection in that he and Andrew attended the same school and had a teacher in common. I thought we might get our first Joe Carroll sighting, as well, and was surprised when Ryan went to visit the teacher in prison instead. He told Ryan that Andrew is most likely motivated by fear. It will be interesting to see how he uses that.

Two episodes in and I'm still feeling optimistic about The Following Season 3! It's not as unrealistic and over the top as the past seasons have been. It also helps that I'm actually rooting for the good guys again rather than rolling my eyes wondering how they could possibly be this inept. Do you guys agree?

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Boxed In Review

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The Following Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Andrew: May I offer you a little advice?
Ryan: Yeah well, you're kinda sitting on the wrong end of the table for it to hold much weight, but go ahead, knock yourself out.
Andrew: Confess while there's still time.
Mike: My conscience is clean.
Andrew: Clean or not, until you tell the world what you did, innocent people will keep dying and their blood will be on your hands.

Ryan: He's delusional. He can't cope with the fact that his own killing spree led to the death of his family.
Mike: Can't believe anything that psycho says anyway.