American Crime Season 1 Episode 6 Review: Episode Six

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What a shocking episode!

American Crime has proven time and again they don't like to sugarcoat things and tonight on American Crime Season 1 Episode 6, they don't shy away from the ramifications of what can happen to a child who is put into a juvenile facility and not given the proper counseling.

The episode definitely provided some insight into why certain people are the way they are, but it also lent itself to even more questions. Let's discuss.

Barb's anger is completely justified. Even though I'm not completely sold on Carter being the only person responsible for killing Matt, had they been doing their jobs they would have put Carter in some type of protective custody. The most infuriating thing about Carter's case is the fact everyone knew he had a tumultuous relationship with Aubry, yet they did nothing to prevent them from seeing each other.

Barb's actions tonight made a lot of sense. When she was talking to the reporter she had every right to be angry with how the case was being handled; though I'm not sure if she should have mentioned Mark being engaged to an Asian woman to prove she isn't racist. It's becoming clear Barb really does need someone to talk to and someone who can open her eyes to her true behavior.

I can't help but feel bad for Nancy and everything she has gone through. She has been living through this nightmare of what happened to her and she wants to be there for other people even though helping out Barb is making Nancy look bad. Nancy is clearly a good person and she's trying to look past Barb's personality and see the grieving mother she really is.

Mark finally admitted things aren't OK between him and Russ; though I'm pretty sure everyone knew Mark has issues with his entire family. Mark seems to be the only sane person in the family and is the only one who looks at the big picture and tries to come up with a real solution. He's trying to be there for everyone and help them heal, but he's not yet ready to forgive and it's clear he isn't completely healed after dealing with the life he was dealt.

While I understand Aliyah's anger and frustrations, she knew the issues Carter had and when he reached out to her she did nothing. Carter wanted to talk to his sister and didn't want to be left alone and she left – what did she honestly think was going to happen? At least she acknowledged the fact she had the opportunity and blew it. 

It was so heartbreaking hearing Alonzo trying to get through to Jenny. Jenny needs to get help and she has no one to talk to. Between her brother Tony, who is heading down a dark path, and Alonzo, who doesn't know how to deal with his kids, she has no one to turn to and I can't imagine how lonely she must feel. 

If looks could kill, Alonzo would be dead. Tony's death glare at his father was extremely unnerving and it's clear he has some major anger issues. It's starting to make sense where Tony's head is at this point in his life. He wants to know what's going on with Jenny and wants Alonzo to be truthful about how he really feels and to stop pretending to be a perfect family.

Just go away Hector! He's one of the most infuriating character on TV and every single time he talks I just want to smack him across his smug face. He doesn't deserve any special treatment and really doesn't deserve to be protected from the people who want to hurt him. 

Aubry is alive and Carter is being blamed for her near death. This is a known drug user and they are going to try to claim it was Carter who caused her to have an overdose? Apparently you're allowed to blame everyone else except for the drug addict. I'm interested to see her Aubry's murder/assault of the drug dealer will come back to haunt her or if they will also pin it on Carter.

It was amazing how long it took for the detective to talk to Gwen and get information from her. You'd have thought they would have been right there when she woke up and pressured her for information regarding the case. Gwen trying to remember what happened to her was soul-crushing and I wanted to scream at the detective to stop pressuring her to remember; though I'm not sure if I am entirely sold on her not remembering what happened to her.

In the end, Tony was a complete moron. Thanks to being besties with the former gang members, he beat the crap out of the guy who hit Jenny and they videotaped it which will surely come back to haunt him. The drug dealer who Carter beat up came to the station to provide a statement to the police which leads to even more charges for Carter including a charge of a hate crime. 

What did you think of tonight's episode? Do you think the videotape will come back to haunt Tony? Do you think Gwen is being completely honest? 

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Episode Six Review

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