American Crime Season 1 Episode 10 Review: Who Can You Trust?

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At the end of the day, who can you trust?

As we head into the final episode of American Crime, we were reminded tonight on American Crime Season 1 Episode 10, the biggest problem with this case is finding out the real truth.

The central theme of tonight's episode was finding the truth and being honest with the people you care about. While some characters decided to continue to lie and manipulate, other's decided to finally let the burden of their lies come out.

Let's discuss tonight's episode.

Picking Up the Fight - American Crime

Hector was a fool to think he lies wouldn't come back to haunt him. He has proven time and time again he thinks he is smarter than the police, but he deserves what's coming to him. While I feel terrible for his daughter and ex girlfriend, Hector needs to pay for his crimes in Mexico – karma has finally come back to bite him on the ass.

Had he actually be truth from the very beginning he probably could have avoided being forced to go back to Mexico, but no, instead he continues to be a complete moron and try to continue his lies even though he had already been caught.

Aubry's father is a fool if he thinks he can really get through to his daughter and convince her Carter doesn't care what happens to her. Aubry's actions have been so confusing and I honestly can't figure out if she really did commit the crime or not.

If you would have asked me back when American Crime Season 1 Episode 1 aired, I would have immediately pointed the finger at Aubry because she was the obvious choice, but now I'm just not sure. 

Aubry's psych evaluation was rather eye opening, and if she is being truthful, gives a very clear picture of who Aubry thinks she is and how selfish she can be. Thankfully Aubry wasn't able to completely fool the doctor, but I don't see why they need to put Aubry through more tests. 

It was refreshing to see Barb and Russ be more united and show respect for each other. Barb was surprisingly the more level headed one when she heard Aubry had admitted to the crime; though I was pleased to see Russ finally get angry and state how he feels. While I feel bad for Barb and Russ, you can't deny Matt was not in the right state of mind which was evident by the pictures Russ found and later destroyed in American Crime Season 1 Episode 9

Barb really surprised me tonight and I can actually see where she's coming from. Barb can't take anymore of this back and forth and she is officially defeated. You can't blame her for wanting to turn her back on this whole thing and try to move on with her life because there has to come a point in your life where you need to move on. It was smart of her to get rid of the gun, but I'm not entirely sure it was the best idea to give it to Russ. 

Does anyone else find Mark's relationship with Gwen a little odd? I understand he wants to be there for her, but there is something a little off about their relationship. I'm not sure if I'm reading too much into it, but even when he went to visit her in the hospital while she was in a coma, I got this weird feeling about the two of them and I question if anything every went on between them.

Alonzo really proved himself again by telling Tony he sold his business to get him a better lawyer and tried valiantly to get people to talk on Tony's behalf, but of course he kept coming up empty. It was infuriating when the teacher refused to give a character statement about Tony because of the kid Tony beat up. I know, I know, what Tony did was wrong, but it's not like the person he beat up was a complete angel. 

Tony's family coming together and sticking up for him was fantastic, but when Jenny gave her statement I couldn't help but hold my breath. Jenny has really grown this season and she was finally able to let go of all the secrets she's been keeping. At the end of the day, Tony made a stupid decision and felt like he was protecting his sister and I'm happy to see he was released – the embrace he gave Alonzo was beautiful. 

Aliyah was on fire again this week. By convincing them they need to get Carter out of jail because of Aubry admitting to the entire crime and Carter not knowing about it. I even get why Aliyah didn't want to tell Carter about Aubry's confession, but it is going to come back in haunt her when the news comes out. 

In the end, Alonzo went to try to find a job, but came back empty when the places he went were owned by the very people he bad mouthed on television. Mark finally opened up to Barb and admitted he doesn't know how to keep her in his life, but he's ready to let everything go. Carter was officially released from prison, but still isn't aware of what Aubry did. Aubry, infront of a judge, pleaded guilty.

Next week on the finale of American Crime Season 1 Episode 11, the case comes to a shocking conclusion when emotions come into play and ends with a twist you won't you coming.

What did you think of tonight's episode? What do you think is going to happen next week?

You still have a week to catch up before the finale. Go watch American Crime online now via TV Fanatic and be sure to come back and let us know what you think in the comments below. 

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