Revenge Round Table: Victoria's Alive!

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Like a phoenix rising from the ashes of a spectacular Hamptons mansion, Victoria Grayson is alive.

Unfortunately, poor Ben can't say the same after Revenge Season 4 Episode 22.

Below, TV Fanatics Paul Dailly, Ashley Bissette Sumerel, Miranda Wicker and Christine Orlando are joined by Laura from Revenge Agenda to debate Victoria's return from the dead, Jack and Emily's almost kiss and who they think will survive the series finale...

Revenge Round Table 1-27-15

Were you surprised to find out that Victoria is still alive?

Paul: I actually was. They fooled me and I couldn't be more pleased. This paves the way for Emily to take her down the way she wants to. Is it next Sunday already?

Laura: Yes. I took what was released via interviews along with the way they filmed Vicky in the chair and was convinced she was dead and I was okay with it. I am currently apologizing to all who believed she was alive when I did not. Thank you writers. #wellplayed

Ashley: I was! Though I can't decide how I feel about it, honestly. Like Laura says, it was definitely convincing. 

Miranda: Not in the least. There was no way she was dead, even though she totally should've been since she SAT IN THE CHAIR AND FLICKED THE LIGHTER WITH OPEN GAS. Ugh. She should've been dead. 

Christine: I was on the fence the whole time. It just seemed like too easy a way for her to go so I can’t say I was shocked when she turned up alive but I’m thrilled she’s back for the finale. 

We assume Ben is dead. Good riddance or oh no!

Paul: Good riddance! I have never been a fan of this character. It sucks that he died, but he brings nothing to the table.

Laura: I agree with Paul. Good riddance but what a way to go! Not! Ouch...I liked that he was still willing to help Emily after being hurt by her. RIP Ben...

Ashley: My initial reaction is good riddance, because he was flat out terrible. I never liked his character either, and it also seems every man Emily dates ends up dead, so it was bound to happen. It's just disappointing that he died right when he learned Emily was telling the truth. 

Miranda: I'm really sort of undecided on this one. I liked the idea of Emily and Ben together because that meant not slamming her together with Jack in the clunkiest sort of ways, but the way he was going after Emily like a dog with a bone when he KNEW there was no way she killed Victoria was so stupid. I definitely flinched at his method of death though. 

Christine: By the end I actually felt sorry for him. First he found out he was only playing second fiddle to Jack Porter, then when he finally tries to do the right thing he gets stabbed in the back. Poor guy. 

What was your reaction to Jack and Emily’s almost kiss?

Paul: I'm not a Jack and Emily shipper by any means, but if it means these two characters have a shot at a happy ending, then I'm all for it. I don't think either will get a happy ending, but I can hope!

Laura: I agree with Paul I am also not a Jemily shipper although in Revenge Season 1 I was! Now it seems a little too forced for the ending. There hasn’t been much this season for me to see them as a couple madly in love. I get why they would be brought together (since a lot of fans wanted Jemily as endgame) but for me it seems forced...not sure we will see anyone with a happy ending.

Ashley: It did feel a little strange in terms of timing, but I'm happy with it overall. Nolan has terrible timing! 

Miranda: At least it would've been some sort of payoff? I don't know. There's no chemistry between the two anymore so it's just odd. 

Christine:  I’ve never felt any chemistry between these two (I was an Emily / Daniel fan) but this has dragged out so long that I just want them together to be done with it already. I suppose on Sunday it will be done one way or the other. 

Place your bets. Who will survive and who will die in the series finale?

Paul: White Gold and David will die. Aside from them, I think everyone else will make it out alive.

Laura: Honestly based on the promo who knows?! It seems all of the Hamptons may be killed off by the end of the episode. I am excited and sad to see the final episode and see what happens, #bittersweet. I cant believe its really ending.

Ashley: I agree that it could really be anyone and everyone. Presumably, David will, which I'm really upset about.

Miranda: David will kick the bucket. The other death will be Margaux. Victoria apparently has 6 lives left. 

Christine: I’m kind of hoping that Louise learns that Margaux was in on Victoria’s scheme and let her mourn her friend. She just might snap and take out both Margaux and Vicky. 

Was there anything in “Plea” that disappointed you?

Paul: Louise listening to Margaux's lies again after her getting closer to the truth. She has to make decisions on her own. She can't continue to rely on people. 

Laura: Victoria being alive!! I believed she was dead. Was convinced she was dead. I get why and how but I never usually get fooled and I did!!

Ashley: The whole storyline with David being sick upsets me. Like, why? What on earth is the point? It feels like a tragedy just for the sake of having a tragedy. 

Miranda: Everything about Louise and Margaux, including the reveal that Margaux had been in on the plot to frame Emily for Victoria's murder. The setup for her being involved was terrible, and she definitely caved with that information super easily. Then she got out of the cell and immediately called an assassin? Ugh. 

Christine: The assassin. Do we really need another bad guy on the screen. And as Ashley said, David’s now fatal illness just seems so pointless. 

What was your favorite quote or scene from this episode?

Paul: Emily and Margaux in jail. I was so happy that Margaux finally got a taste of her own medicine. 

Laura: I loved how Emily had Margaux shaking in her shoes. I also liked it when Margaux got arrested. She got played big time and I loved it!

Ashley: Ditto on the Emily and Margaux scene, particularly when Emily explained how she created her weapons. Fantastic. 

Miranda: Oh yes, Emily and Margaux in jail was the best. Has Margaux not learned by now that she will not win against Emily? 

Christine: Hands down, it was Emily’s five minutes alone with Margaux. I kind of wish she had used her weapons. 

Check back in on Sunday for our series finale review of Revenge Season 4 Episode 23 and if you can't wait until then, you can watch Revenge online here at TV Fanatic. 

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