The Flash Round Table: Is Change in the Air?

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The Flash Round Table Team is back and discussing The Flash Season 1 Episode 22, including Eddie's decision about Iris, Barry and Cold, the Reverse Flash takedown scene and what's next for the Flashverse. 

Join the round table team Hank Otero, Jim Garner, Tanya Moat, Carissa Pavlica and Andy Behbakht of The Flash Podcast by tossing your thoughts into the comments. Join us for all the fun!

The Flash Round Table 1-27-15

Talk about Eddie's decision regarding Iris.

Hank: I think it's unfortunate he's listening to Wells and self-sabotaging his relationship. Nothing's written in stone and I was glad to see Iris fighting for their future. Didn't he stop to think for a moment, that Thawne might be making it all up? Why trust a villain so easily?

Jim: I agree Hank, as a cop he should know better than to trust any villain, especially a speedster who claims to be from the future and related to you. Thank goodness Iris knows that she wants Bar.. I mean Eddie…

Tanya: I was a bit surprised by how both seemed so accepting of what Wells/Thawne told Eddie. Iris put up a token argument but gave in pretty quickly, which surprised me. Out of anyone not named Barry, I expected her to be the least accepting of her fate being predestined.

Andy: I think we knew since the beginning of the season that Eddie and Iris would end up breaking up at some point, but the way to that was always unknown. I agree with Hank that it's disappointing that Eddie would listen to Wells and have that make him break up with her. But the good thing was that it wasn't a very overly dramatic break-up, obviously I felt so sorry for Iris, but it didn't up being as typical as some of these breakups can be sometimes on TV.

Carissa: I'm chalking it up to the stress of the weeks prior that he made the decision. I think it may come back to haunt him that he made it without talking to Iris about what happened to him first. I'm not 100% sure we've seen the last of them yet, despite the who predestination package.

What did you think about Barry's decision to work with Captain Cold and the consequences of doing so?

Hank: I knew right away he was making a terrible mistake. Cold is only out for himself, and Barry gave Snart the opportunity for the Rogue's to owe him one. Like I said about Eddie trusting Wells, villains and trust just don't go hand in hand. There's a reason they're the bad guys.

Jim: I want to say it was a terrible mistake, but given that the new Legends of Tomorrow trailer shows Cold as a regular on the show, I can't say he really made a bad mistake. He used what he had available, he should have been watching the corners to see how Cold could turn it to his favor.

Tanya: We knew it would blow up in his face, but it was still interesting to see them work together and gave us a taste of how Cold could became a future Legend.

Andy: I'm with Jim: with his status in Legends of Tomorrow now established, it's hard to say if it was a bad mistake in the long run. At this point, Barry didn't have any other resources to go to so I get why he had to turn to Cold for help.

Carissa: I agree with the others, Barry's not the only one who sees something in Cold. Hell, I see something in him. Even Cold sees it. That's why he's so over the top in his presentation of himself. He wants to hide the softer side he knows is dying to poke out. It's easier being bad to the bone for him. Less heartache. I wonder if Barry and Cold will discuss this fiasco in the future. I hope so.

What did you think about the Reverse Flash take down scene?

Hank: I loved seeing The Flash, Arrow and Firestorm working together, but I kind of wish the scene would have lasted a bit longer. The moment Oliver neutralized Wells' powers the first time was brilliant. Arrows against metas is always odd, but in this case it paid off nicely. Teamwork rules!

Jim: Teamwork makes the dream work! Hank really said it about all you could say about the awesome, albeit really short fight scene.

Tanya: I enjoyed it but like Hank and Jim, I thought it would be longer. It certainly showed how much of a formidable foe Wells is since it took three of them to take him down too.

Andy: The comic book fanatic in me had an absolute nerdgasm with seeing the three of them fighting Harrison + we FINALLY got to see the Amell cousins together on screen! Although I think we are up for an even more epic fight next week.

Carissa: Ummm. How did everyone know to be there just as Eobard ambled up? And it really went far to well, in my opinion. But, the good guys do get to win on occasion and this was that occasion. What will Eobard get Barry into for The Flash Season 1 Episode 23? Uh oh...

What was the standout moment?

Hank: The Reverse Flash takedown was my standout moment. There's just something about those characters sharing the same screen. Like the crossover episodes, any time two or more DC heroes fight side by side I'm in nerd heaven. I can't tell you how excited I am about the DC's Legends of Tomorrow spinoff. It's like one giant crossover TV Series!

Jim: Hank grabbed my number one choice, so I will mention my runner-up, which was Golden Glider and Cisco. Poor Cisco never had a chance against her feminine charm but he put up a good fight, I loved his "female inmate" reply when she asked for a nickname.

Tanya: Both Hank and Jim claimed the standout moments, so I'll pick a moment that stood out for all the wrong reasons – the Snart siblings just waltzing into Star Labs. Man! I can't believe such a high-tech building has such bad security. We should start a drinking game around it. Who's in?

Andy: Pretty much what brother Hank said: teamwork is so much fun and seeing superheroes (that are not just Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Captain America, Thor or Iron Man) getting together to fight evil, is my cup of tea. Plus, just imagine what DC's Legends of Tomorrow will be like when it comes to epic team-ups!

Carissa: I'll aim for something completely different. A nice particle accelerator-side chat between Barry and Joe as they discussed what makes Barry so special. I didn't necessarily agree with all of the points, but their father son moments always work.

Thoughts going into the finale?

Hank: The Flash Season 1 has been such a strong first run. I honestly can't remember the last series I watched that was this good right out the gate. Everything from the writing, to the acting and visual effects is just phenomenal. I'm hoping Barry saves his mother and sends the DC TV Universe into an alternate reality. Imagine a world where Arrow Season 3 never happened? Now that would be good enough for me.

Jim: I'm really on the fence about Barry saving his mom. I've only see one show that did alternate reality right and that was Eureka. So, I guess if they do decided to do alternate reality, let it be permanent (like Eureka) and just build stories off of it. If they spend half of The Flash Season 2 with Barry trying to "fix" reality it will get old in a Flash! (See what I did there?)

Tanya: It has been a really stellar first season. I'm anxious to see the repercussions of Barry attempting to save his Mom. My fear is that Harry will be dead in the new timeline if he saves his Mom. I'd really hate to lose John Wesley Shipp.

Andy: That it has been one helluva first season and that it's going to end in a very satisfying way to what has been a successful first year for the best superhero show on television. Oh and what Hank said: a universe where Season 3 of Arrow never happened, even though it had a number of highlights. I'm willing to keep the reality as it is, as long as my Black Canary is around because Laurel truly had an amazing year.

Carissa: I'm getting a little worried, to be honest. I'm keeping my nose free of possible spoilers because the powers that be give too much away. I'm expecting Barry to save his mom and to bring her back and for things in Central City to be completely different when he gets back. For his world to have changed so much that he has to wonder if he needs to redo what he'd just undone. That would be amazingly complex and terrible and beautiful all at the same time.  

Here is your first look at The Flash Season 1 Episode 23:

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The Flash Season 1 Episode 22 Quotes

Barry: We are way different.
Joe: How?
Barry: We only break the rules to save people.

Joe: Cisco, what'd you bring that orange soda for?
Cisco: Whenever something happens with the Reverse Flash, liquid floats in the air. You know, Barry's fish tank , Wells' champagne, Lance's coffee, remember that? If this does the same thing, we'll know that Wells is in there.